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0010636Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2018-03-17 13:302018-03-17 22:45
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Summary0010636: LOCAL_BANDITRY causes non-bandit soldiers to ambush adventurers from the same civilization
DescriptionThe use of the LOCAL_BANDITRY entity token has unexpected effects when applied to a playable race via modding. One known effect of it is that patrols will, as expected, ambush adventurers when encountered, both bandits and proper soldiers.

However, the problem occurs when they encounter adventurers who are of the same civilization or even from the same site. You would expect them to leave an obstinate ally alone, but instead they drop the adventurer out of fast travel.

It would be reasonable to expect this behavior from bandits, who are typically regarded as a threat even by civilians from the same civilization. They're outlaws, after all. But this is not expected behavior from the actual hearthpeople.

Two outcomes usually occur. In some cases the ambushers are non-hostile and will act like normal traveling soldiers when talked to. However, getting away from them without committing murder is difficult as they'll continue to drop you out of fast-travel, and will do so immediately if you are too close to them when you try to resume travel. This outcome appears to occur when the soldiers are linked to the same site that you are.

The second outcome is that the ambushers will, bandit or not, engage in lethal and/or no-quarter combat afterward. This appears to occur
Steps To Reproduce1. Apply LOCAL_BANDITRY to a playable entity.
 1a. Optionally, remove BANDITRY:X from the same entity, if present. This facilitates testing by ensuring the relevant ambushes will be caused by your fellow hearthpeople and those of neighboring towns.
2. Start an adventurer in the relevent civilization.
3. Intercept a travel blip.
4. In the event of an ambush, determine if they are likely members of your own civilization (clothing, names, species consistent with civ, patrol encounter on-site, etc).
Additional InformationTwo saves have been provided for testing. One by me, and one by ZM5.

The first is a simple modification of vanilla raws, by me: [^]

As the DFFD description indicates, legends-testing confirmed the hostiles to be from the same civilization but a different site group.

The second is from a proper mod by ZM5, demonstrating an example of a non-hostile ambush: [^]
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chaosvolt (reporter)
2018-03-17 13:37

Slight fuckup on my part. Main description accidentally omits the rest of the last sentence. Should be: "The second outcome is that the ambushers will, bandit or not, engage in lethal and/or no-quarter combat afterward. This appears to occur when the soldiers belong to a different site."
ZM5 (reporter)
2018-03-17 13:44

My save is already included in the additional info, so I won't repost it, but some of my own observations:
1. If you are a member of the site that one of these patrols is also from, they will not be hostile and you will know the names of most of the individuals making up the squad. They will still follow you and knock you out of fast travel if you bump into them, however.
2. If you are not a member of the site that the patrol is from, they will be immediately and lethally hostile, even if you are from the same civilization.

Due to how many soldiers often compromise these patrols, and the fact they take a box formation around the adventurer, this often results in the death of the adventurer, especially early in the game.

Even if the soldiers are killed, it seems the patrols remain, but instead of soldiers are compromised of pet animals like horses and dogs - on top of that, it appears that the patrols are indeed "soldiers" and not "bandits", as killing the sentient members of said patrols elicits "murderer" responses from the local villagers.
chaosvolt (reporter)
2018-03-17 22:45

As note above, my own save confirms the second point, yeah. As well as engineering a scenario that ensures the attackers aren't bandits, as human brigandry had been modded out.

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