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0010661Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2018-03-24 05:362018-03-26 04:14
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Summary0010661: [FLIER] Adventurers perpetually fly abusing flying gaits for speed
DescriptionAdventurers continually fly across the ground due to [FLIER] all the time rather than use their legs to propel them with regular ground gaits.

Flying is a particular movement status that can be seen in adventure mode, however they transfer their flying gait in situations such as low ceilings that restrict natural z level flying where the vertical movement of flying is restricted, allowing them to move faster than a deliberately set slow walking gait.

Adventurers can also 'crawl' in mid air despite being listed as being 'on the ground' in the UI. Swimming has a similar movement status, but flying explicitly seems to happen as a game rule when the creature is elevating itself up into empty air space, and disappears when they touch a open ground tile, which this issue seems to be exploiting.
Steps To ReproduceMindful of needing to find space in the woodland area on the save, using < and > you can ascend and descend z levels into a 'flying' status.

When you press (S)to adjust your contextual movement speed, you will still be flying actions by modifying your flying speed despite playing a eagle person with usable humanoid legs at ground level.

There are no additional M movement options for your adventurer to start or stop flying like there are to start or stop swimming contextually for hitting water.

There are some ravens resting nearby on the ground, disturb them and watch them fly away but not land on the ground again, happening only when they are loaded in for the first time, birds arriving off map in fortress mode are already in the air.


Open up a [FLIER] person in arena mode, assume control and try the above instructions
Additional InformationMay be directly related to issues of 0002286 and 0006737

Wild birds seem to exhibit the same issues as adventurers, anecdotally; birds in fortress mode will for different reasons (keas to steal, other birds just wander in) move at the same speed for flying underground in single layer restricted z's down dug out fortress corridors etc.

Problems transferring onto a ground walking & pathing status likely attribute to animalpeople who arrive offmap through the air like lingering raven-men visitors who never arrive, and spooked flying soldiers who never return to battle by removing themselves from range.
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-03-24 05:43

Save availible here : [^]
chaosvolt (reporter)
2018-03-26 04:14

Crawling critters in midair applies to all critters, not just fliers. Usually seen in the event you injure their feet.

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