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0001110Dwarf FortressItemspublic2010-04-13 16:532010-07-20 12:59
Assigned ToToady One 
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.09 
Summary0001110: impact yield and impact fracture the same for all metals, unbalances combat
DescriptionAs the summary says, impact_yield and impact_fracture are the same (1080000, stainless steel) for all metals. This means non-steel armor protects too good, and nonsteel weapons are too strong.

For details on the impact this has, see here: [^]
Additional InformationMy own information is purely based on the raws, this forum post and observations during gameplay. I did not do any tests that included changing those values myself.
Tagsmaterial, metal, raw files
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related to 0000033resolvedToady One Bronze colossus, skeletal creatures, fleshballs, and others are impossible to kill 

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Todestool (reporter)
2010-04-19 06:44

I did a bit of research on what these values should be, and determined that for metals compressive strength ~= tensile strength. I copy/pasted the shear yield and fracture values into the impact yield and fracture tags, and arena mode showed this to be far more reasonable.

Forum post: [^]
Jiri Petru (reporter)
2010-06-20 08:57

There have been a couple of threads discussing proper raw values, most notably these: [^] [^]
Jiri Petru (reporter)
2010-06-20 17:12

While I'm infodumping, there's a useful thread with test results from arena. It describes several other material and combat related issues: [^]
Toady One (administrator)
2010-07-06 02:03

I've updated all the metals so that they have Dwarfoloid's suggested values, and I've made compression/impact a fixed multiple of the tensile strength (because it was generally higher for iron, and there's very little data available).

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