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0011211Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2020-01-18 07:262020-05-19 14:16
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PriorityhighSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0011211: Merchants not leaving
DescriptionA human caravan came, traded, declared to leave and never left. Upon inspection all their trade goods were still in the depot. I tried forbidding them AND exterminating the caged animals with DFhack. They are still there. Will upload save.
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Aku (reporter)
2020-01-18 07:27

Woops, Dffd is on my OTHER COMPUTER. The one with ZERO ACCESS TO THE SAVE. GRRR.
DarklingArcher (reporter)
2020-01-19 13:30

Perhaps you have blocked their way out while they were trading, i.e. by raising a drawbridge or building something on the way. Check the [D]epot access to tell if this is the cause.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-03 05:40

Anecdotally i have experienced this on 44.12 when the traders were disrupted by evil rain related to 0007619 where seemingly any kind of distressing interruption makes them stop and lie/crouch down (more easily recognisable on curses ascii due to brown backing border to letter tile)

A relevant fix i used was to GM edit them to stand up again, though scripts exist to just forcefully teleport all units to map edge showing they have intent to still exit the map but can't lift themselves off the ground.
knutor (reporter)
2020-05-19 14:12

got this. human treasurer and his sword buddy, are floating 1z above the ground. there interactions with wildlife must have done it. silver arrows around um. used dfhack, create-tree. under um, will get back to ya, if they fall out.
knutor (reporter)
2020-05-19 14:16

"add note" button is funky on this phone. more info. humans left depot, their parting msg given, soon later, buzzards started stealing prep'd food. I dont have a kitchen built, couldnt have been mine. hope that helps. all caravan routes open to map edge.

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