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0011347Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2020-02-09 08:092020-02-09 12:20
ReporterGoblin Cookie 
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Product Version0.47.02 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011347: A trio of bugs with prisoners.
DescriptionThere are a number of bugs connected to prisoners in the present release. I come across an individual in a certain world I created whose life history pretty much involves all the prisoner bugs. He is Uvac Starrycudgel, a necromancer who rose to power over a human civilization called the Hierarchy of Electrum in a coup, but was imprisoned a year later by a necromancer civilization called the Stings of Inspecting in 152 and remained a prisoner in their tower of Paranoiacrevasse until 189, a total of 37 years. Here are the bugs.

1. Despite being imprisoned by the Stings of Inspecting (in theory) Starrycudgel spends much of the his marching about with their armies, even going so far as to make his own brand of night creatures in the process. Prisoners need to disallowed from all events that involve leaving their site and from fighting in wars.

2. Despite being imprisoned in Paranoicrevasse and having been removed as Law-giver upon that even happened, he manages to organize a coup against his successor and be reinstated as Law-giver despite being imprisoned in a location where none of his co-conspirators would plausibly be able to access him. Prisoners need to be kept from recruiting new minions that are not in their actual site and should not be instated as position-holders, including by coups unless of an the entity that is in a position to release them from prison; they should automatically release them at this point.

3. When he finally escapes prison, this is not noted in his event log, only what happens afterwards. It says he fled to Jitteredrented, another necromancer tower but he is still a member of the Hierarchy of Electrum and *was* it's law-giver until he escaped from prison. While he was a prisoner he remains law-giver, but the moment he escapes he stops being this. Prisoners need to remember where they are from and they should return to one of their site government's sites upon release or escape or to another of their civilization's holdings if they no longer have any sites.
Additional InformationCannot upload save file due to internet problems
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Talvieno (reporter)
2020-02-09 09:50

Could you post the seeds and worldgen parameters here?
Loci (manager)
2020-02-09 09:55

None of those sound like bugs to me. Prisoners fighting for their captors during war has many historical precedents. There are also multiple occasions where a real life prisoner has attempted a coup (e.g. [^] ). And escaped prisoners seeking asylum with another government is considerably more reasonable than expecting to remain in whatever position of power they had before/during prison.
Goblin Cookie (reporter)
2020-02-09 11:43
edited on: 2020-02-09 12:17

Created in DF v0.47.02.

    [TITLE:CREATE WORLD NOW = 5355552]


Here are the worldgen params. They should be used with version 0.6 of GoblinCookie's Expanded Dictionary.

Goblin Cookie (reporter)
2020-02-09 11:56 [^]

The save file is finally here.
Goblin Cookie (reporter)
2020-02-09 12:07
edited on: 2020-02-09 12:08

About the BugVSFeuture issue, the problem here is that of overall stability. Yes they are doing things that makes sense, but they are clearly not doing so intentionally but as an accident.

It may make sense for prisoners to fight in wars and this works fine in worldgen but it raises all sorts of potential problems were said prisoners to actually be offloaded because the game does not know what they *are*. The devs need to know about the features they have accidentally added into the game.

The problem is not the prisoner carrying out the coup, the problem is his organizing of the coup in his original civilization while being imprisoned in the tower. The other issue is that he was removed from power upon capture, so this is the way things are supposed to work, prisoners are supposed to be removed from their positions upon capture, since for no reason I can fathom deputies are not in the game. Yet having been able to retake power *from* his prison cell, when escaping said prison cell he does not return to the actual capital to the great applause of his supporters who are in charge but instead is instantly disqualified from his position by having..... escaped.

So he launched a coup from his prison cell, in order to then not actually take up the position he is holding in absentia when he escaped?

Goblin Cookie (reporter)
2020-02-09 12:13
edited on: 2020-02-09 12:13 [^]

The mod that this save file is based off is now uploaded here. There are no other mods in the save file. It is version 0.6.

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