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0011362Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2020-02-11 19:582020-02-21 08:47
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10
Product Version0.47.02 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011362: Adventurers in fort mode say that have companions, multiple times, depending on how many times they have been retired/unretired
DescriptionSo, based on how many times you've retired/unretired an adventurer, and with whom, they accumulate multiple entries in their description stating that they are "travelling with SoandSo".

So, two retired adventurers, made as a group together, retired, then unretired together, and then retired again at a player fort, show "travelling with Ilpi Uttercharm and Ilpi Uttercharm", for example. Also, in fort mode, the connected adventurers show each other as "Companion" in the relationships screen. I donno if that's a bug, or a deliniation between friends, and people who have once adventured together, and are not just simple friends. Additionally, this relationship and description info persists through the death of one of the companions.

Not only is the description line being repeated multiple times in their thought screens, it seems like, when retired into a player fort, they shouldn't even be listed as "travelling with SoandSo" at all, since both adventurers have retired their permanately (or at least, they might intend to, RP-wise). They aren't really travelling with one another anymore, either way.
Steps To ReproduceMake an adventurer party, then retire/unretire them a couple times, and finally end them with a retire in a player fort. You can observe all the behavior there in the fort, from the description in the thoughts screen to the relationship screen.

You can also download the saved game listed at the URL below on DFFD. This save was made to demonstrate a different bug, but will also show this one.

Load the save, and get into the thoughts screen of the militia commander, whose name is Tod Uletkasmko Sutad (Tod Wispales the Yellow). You can find him from the nobles screen or the unit list. Check his thoughts screen, and his relationships screen, and note that he has references to Ilpi Uttercharm (or Ilpi Getakmel), who is actually dead; he died several years before.
Additional InformationThis all applies to a 47.02 game, unmodded, running Ironhand tileset, and with the ADOPTS_OWNER tag removed from cats. Save is available below: [^]
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Walkabout (reporter)
2020-02-21 08:47
edited on: 2020-02-21 08:49

This still occurs in 47.03. Here's a specific save from 47.03 to better demonstrate this issue.

Load this save and have a look at the dwarf that is on screen, named "Testing Alak". He has 4 adventure companions that have been made and retired three times with him, in a party.

He (and the others) have a total of 12 "traveling with" entries in their thoughts screen, listing all 4 companions he's traveled with, three times each. It's just a redundant listing entry for every time they've been partied up, and then retired. [^]

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