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0001173Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2010-04-14 17:562011-03-21 12:55
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.22 
Summary0001173: Dwarves refuse to haul accessible items until they've hauled ones that are currently inaccessible
DescriptionI have my actual fortress walled off from the outside to keep the goblins out, and let immigrants fell trees to stockpile wood for later. Some immigrants died to ambushers, and I designated a dump zone outside and marked the immigrants' corpses and clothes for dumping to tidy the map up a bit. Then the ambushers killed off everybody who was outside.

The problem is, it seems that the game only creates as many "dump item" jobs as there are dwarves with refuse hauling activated, or something like that. So while the items outside are still designated for dumping and jobs to dump them are in the jobs listing, no new dump-jobs for items INSIDE my fortress, where I actually still have dwarves, are created. I fixed this by removing the dump marking from the outside items, but it took a bit for me to figure out what causes my dwarves to refuse dumping stuff.
Steps To Reproduce- wall two sections of the map off from each other with dwarves in each
- designate items for dumping and a garbage dump zone in section A, let the game generate jobs for it
- kill off the dwarves in section A
- try getting anything dumped in section B
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-  Notes
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-04-14 20:44

A save with all the stuff marked for dumping would probably be handy for this one. [^]
jfs (reporter)
2010-04-27 13:49

I believe I've experienced this in 40d too.
zagibu (reporter)
2010-04-30 00:10

Hmmm, this might be why my dwarves refuse to stockpile wood logs that have recently been cut down. They did get them for dumping, though.
ChickenLips (reporter)
2010-06-14 19:37

I have a save of this if you're still interested, Foot.

Fortress in siege alert. Have stone marked for Dumping in a cavern that I forgot to include in the Burrow -- cavern probably has 20, 30. Much, much other stone marked for Dumping as well. 20-35 dwarves staying idle until I either include that area in the Burrow or remove the Dumping designations for those stones.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-06-14 19:54

The save might be useful, yes.
ChickenLips (reporter)
2010-06-14 20:47
edited on: 2010-06-14 20:55

Very well then. It may be found here: [^]

Hope it helps.

Incidentally, this one also has the goblins-milling-about-outside-despite-an-open-door-to-the-south thing going on.

EDIT: Oh, for quick reference the problematic area excluded from the Burrow is the circular one to the east of the main complex, on level 143, with tetrahedrite in its SW wall section. The Burrow is the one called "North Tower," which is default.

EDIT AGAIN: This save also has had one wall construction (the northernmost one in the keep on lvl 149) that has been Waiting for construction forever despite idle masons. Not sure if it's a bug or something I'm missing, but, in case it's a bug involving the job not assigned, here it is.

Telarin (reporter)
2010-06-22 04:49
edited on: 2010-06-22 04:50

I have experienced this same problem when I have my Civ restricted to a particular burrow. They eventually reach a point where everyone wants to haul items from outside the burrow and they will no longer take any hauling jobs inside the burrow.

They all will just repeatedly spam: "Urist McHauler cancels Store Item in Bin: Item inaccessible"

Mafia_Puppet (reporter)
2010-07-13 19:38

I had a similar problem with my fort. I had my dwarves restricted to burrows Inside, and the "Urist McHauler cancels Store Item in Bin: Item inaccessible" propagated to the point that I had all 30 of my haulers idle trying to haul items outside the burrow to stockpiles.

It fixed when I let me dwarves out of my burrows. It took half an hour for them to get get through their queued hauling orders outside and get back to hauling things I cared about. It seems like they queue up haul orders in some kind of priority, too, because even though they locked up and refused to haul blocks, bars, wood, and refuse, they still happily hauled food and drink.

It seems like It takes time for them to lock up, though. I went 15 years inside before my dwarves ground to a halt, but I did notice hauling productivity gradually decline over time.

Obvious quickfix is to make sure everything outside is on forbid, but that really sucks when I want to harvest goblinite for iron and bolts. THE haulers I let leave the fort to collect them never locked up, but all the other haulers I didn't let out did. I didn't try forbidding everything after the hauling lockup, so it's still possible that another quick fix is just to forbid and unforbid everything to reset the process since it seems to take several years to fully lock up.
Unvalanced (reporter)
2010-09-03 08:59

Forbidding doesn't always resolve the issue; I was finally forced to undesignate all stockpiles and dumping operations in inaccessible areas. (Fortunately, this was just the surface, and I'm on a flat map, which makes this easy.)
kwieland (reporter)
2010-09-03 09:59

@Chickenlips: I had a similar thing happen with a construction of a floor. 3 game years and it still wasn't happening! I was building a floor tile from one accessible tile to an inaccessible area. The only access to the other area would be by the floor that I wanted to construct. I didn't pay attention and must have picked a stone for the floor that was on the ground in the inaccessible part.Therefore the job never could be done as the stone that was to be used to make the floor was on the inaccessible side!
schm0 (reporter)
2010-09-28 08:58

I've had this issue as well, as after the construction of my outer walls all of my skirmishes were initially outside the fortress itself. In between ambushes, I have multiple dwarves sent outside to pick up the remains. Now that my wall is built, skirmishes take place at the gate. Gathering the spoils of war and a few remaining pieces of stone are sporadic at best.

I've tried the forbid/unforbid trick with little to no success. I also regularly lock my dwarfs inside during ambushes, so this doesn't seem to work either.

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