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0001237Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Artifactspublic2010-04-16 08:502014-12-26 19:06
Assigned Tolethosor 
PrioritylowSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001237: Artifacts are forbidden even though it does not have the { and } encapsulating it + unable to get artifact out of its bin
DescriptionI recall seeing various threads in the gameplay sub forums where people complained of not being able to move their artifacts to specially made stockpiles. I haven't had any trouble moving them until recently when after deleting one of my stockpiles which contained an artifact crossbow so that it may be moved elsewhere none of my dwarfs went to move it even though plenty of idle haulers were available.

I checked using loo(k) on the artifact itself and noted that its look menu says press (f) for "Reclaim". However the artifact itself does not have the { and } encapsulating it to indicate that it is forbidden. I suspect that this is the reason why many folks were unable to move their artifacts. I pressed (f) and very soon after a hauler picked it up and sent it to the appropriate stockpile.

I'm not sure if the missing { and } are a bug or an intended feature for artifact items, however I assume that the artifact was automatically forbidden when one of my haulers tried to move the bin it was in to the trade depot when the caravan arrived. The bin was moved but the artifact was left behind.

Another bug is when the artifact is inside a bin it cannot be taken out of the bin unless it is something that can be used to construct buildings e.g. a rope. I tried deleting the stockpile which stored the binned artifact so that it would be moved to a stockpile which accepts artifacts but with bins set to zero. The dwarfs would not take the artifact out of the bin and move it to the new stockpile, and would only move the bin with the artifact in it after I set the max bin amount in the new stockpile to at least 1.
Steps To ReproduceI was unable to reproduce the forbidden artifact bug because there was no caravan present at the time for me to test the hypothesis.

The binned artifact bug can be reproduced in the following fashion:
1. Place artifact inside a bin in any stockpile.
2. Ensure no other stockpiles will accept said artifact.
3. Delete the stockpile the artifact is stored in.
4. Create a new stockpile that will accept the artifact but set the max bins it can take to zero.
5. Wait forever for the dwarfs to move the artifact to the new stockpile.
6. Give up and set the max bin allowed in the new stockpile to at least 1.
7. A hauler will move the bin with the artifact to the new stockpile.
Additional InformationThe missing { and } characters from forbidden artifacts aren't really important though they do confuse people who try in vain to move the artifact to its proper stockpile.

The inability to move artifacts out of a bin could be considered a bug, but not gamebreaking.
TagsArtifact, bin, forbid, forbidden, haul, reclaim, stockpile
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-  Notes
amade (reporter)
2010-04-16 08:53

P.S. another workaround to the binned artifact bug is to send the bin into the depot which will force the artifact to be left behind.
lethosor (manager)
2014-12-26 19:06

I haven't seen this in recent versions. If anyone can reproduce this in v0.40+, please upload a save to [^] and PM me or another manager ( [^]) on the forums to reopen this report.

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