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0000135Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-04-02 08:152014-10-06 00:38
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 x64
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.34.07 
Summary0000135: Fish and other creatures listed twice in embark screen and trade screen, with no male/female symbol
DescriptionOn the embark screen & trade screen, the types of fish available are duplicated (eg "Cave Fish" is listed twice, "Cave Lobster" is listed twice, etc).
Tagsembark, fish, stockpile, trade
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-  Notes
Dwarfu (manager)
2010-04-02 08:20

Reported earlier as 0000057 and 0000016.
Superbest (reporter)
2010-04-02 12:31

The same problem also happens with the stockpile settings screen.
bombcar (reporter)
2010-04-03 09:49

As far as I can determine, this is an artifact of the sexes; one is the male ones, one is the female ones.
Phrost (reporter)
2010-04-03 20:25

Ah yes, duplicates caused by the sex would make perfect sense and is most likely the root cause. Maybe this is a feature, not a bug now!
RichardCorey (reporter)
2010-04-04 14:10

If it is an artifact of the sexes, that needs to be displayed...!
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-04 16:32
edited on: 2010-04-04 20:18

Embark profiles seem to act unpredictably with regards to this bug.
I saved an embark profile modified from a "Prepare Carefully..." default template in a world with turtles (both listed).
I then attempted to load the embark profile in another world - where there were also both turtles - and the embark profile warned "turtles unavailable" when I started attempted to load the profile, even though I subsequently added them to the loadout.

Edit: and since the child I commented on is now marked a duplicate of this - I'm assuming by trade in the log, the reporter means trade agreements?

Rafal99 (reporter)
2010-04-06 11:11

I am sure it is because of sexes / castes.
For example in liason request screen you can see:

Male and female cows have different names so you can see the difference in the list, while with other animals you can't.
Squirrelloid (reporter)
2010-04-06 18:06

The duplicated animals are livestock. The duplicated fish are food items. Meat entries aren't duplicated because of 2 genders - and that suggests neither should fish/turtles/etc....
gisli (reporter)
2010-04-10 19:04

Mussel and oyster are not duplicated in the stockpiles Fish menu.
slink (reporter)
2010-04-14 11:24

Oysters and mussels don't have any gender castes. Turtles, cave fish, and cave lobsters do have gender castes.
Altaree (reporter)
2010-04-29 12:37

I would love for ALL screens that display animals to show 1) the sex of the beast, and 2) if the beast is in a cage, on a rope, or just running around. This would really help with organizing the meat industry. Being able to name tames animals would work for this too.
wRAR (reporter)
2010-07-24 00:10

In 0.31.11 on the embark screen animals such as dogs have the sex mark, but cave fish and other food doesn't have it, while still having two entries.
burlingk (reporter)
2010-07-24 06:40

The logical thing would be for food entries to have one item, and no gender. After all, food items are not going to be breeding, given that they are already dead and in barrels, bags, etc. :P
wRAR (reporter)
2010-07-24 06:55

Ah, and in 0.31.11 diplomacy requests still contain duplicate animal entries without the gender sign.
RossM (reporter)
2011-03-29 11:48

Still in 0.31.23. Also, the same problem applies to the kitchen screen.

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