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0001449Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2010-04-22 23:542019-01-09 10:53
ReporterKhym Chanur 
Assigned ToDwarfu 
Platformx86 (AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core)OSWineOS Version1.1.32
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001449: Dwarven milk/cheese is not available on embark or for trade
DescriptionYou can't bring along dwarven milk or cheese when embarking, dwarven caravans don't bring them, and you can't request them from the dwarven liaison. This is because the dwarven parent civilization will only export things which can be found at UNDERGROUND_DEPTH 1, and purring maggots are found starting at depth 2, so this might be intentional rather than a bug, but then again it might be an unintended side effect.
Steps To Reproduce1) Gen a world and embark with the standard set of raw files. Dwarven cheese won't be available on embark.

2) Gen a world and embark with the UNDERGROUND_DEPTH tag for purring maggots changed to [UNDERGROUND_DEPTH:1:3]. Dwarven cheese will now be available on embark.
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related to 0001127new Worldgen without caverns does not allow embark with seeds/alcohol 

-  Notes
Dwarfu (manager)
2014-03-25 11:29

Lots of changes with the dwarven sites/civs, so marking this for review in the next version.
Dwarfu (manager)
2014-07-10 13:18

This is still the case in 40.01.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2019-01-09 10:48

Still the case for 44.12, however setting purring maggots to be always availible with [ANIMAL] entity tokens will allow embarking & ordering dwarven cheese from the caravan by cheating the animal's pernament position into the civilisation.

It also reveals that Purring Maggots in the trade screen (vermin can be imported in cages when domesticated by [ANIMAL] tag functions or passive [USE_ANY_PET_RACE] like elves do) ONLY have a default male asexual caste.

Therefore to explain with living populations, purring maggots cannot reproduce their small numbers asexually so become extinct and are not innumerable like asexual clams or oysters with [FREQUENCY:100] though they do not die of old age due to a lack of a max age tag.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2019-01-09 10:53
edited on: 2019-01-09 11:08

The creature itself has been neglected by code for a while, it might seek out a new purpose as a life stage of another creature like a bugbat or equivilent in order to remain relevant hopefully for the future.

Since without proposed frequency fix (which may fix it appearing in fortress caverns but not the resources it brings without vermin domestication), all purring maggots have to be captured by trappers from the wild caverns and are easily consumed upon use, or will die imminently to cave spider webs before they are found.

Same can be said why you cannot purchase mog juice from merchants edit- *since it is not automatically assumed by the [USE_CAVERN_CREATURES] entity tag or similar function despite being native.

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2010-04-22 23:54 Khym Chanur New Issue
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