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0000145Dwarf FortressArenapublic2010-04-02 09:342015-05-13 11:17
Assigned Tolethosor 
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Summary0000145: Arena creature gender bias
DescriptionIf you have two creatures with different names to fit their gender (e.g. 'amphibian man' and 'amphibian woman'), if you'd spawn the amphibian woman, the creature's name would be Amphibian Man. The creature's description will still read 'she' (e.g. 'her skin is copper'). This also applies to 'bat man' and 'bat woman', 'cave shallow man' and 'cave shallow woman', 'olm man' and 'olm woman', 'reptile man' and 'reptile woman', etc. In the case of spawning a giantess, not only does its name show up as Giant, but the pronouns are all male ('his skin is peach'), for some reason.
Steps To ReproduceSpawn a female creature in the Object Testing Arena with a name different from its male variant.
Additional InformationI'm not sure whether this has been reported already or not.
TagsArena Mode, Giantess, Intentional/Expected?
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- Relationships
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related to 0000117closedFootkerchief Giant is listed as female, Giantess as male in arena unit creation 

-  Notes
lvk (reporter)
2010-04-02 09:38
edited on: 2010-04-02 09:43

However, it DOES show up semi-correctly in the [r]eports page: "the amphibian woman Amphibian Man 1 is fighting!" and "the bat woman Bat Man 1 is fighting!"

Also, the reason for the odd behavior of the 'giant' and 'giantess' creatures is that the genders are swapped ('giant' is female, 'giantess' is male).

Dwarfu (manager)
2010-04-02 09:47

Related to 0000117, 0000106, 0000031.
JoRo (reporter)
2010-04-08 20:03

Wouldn't this just be because '(creature) man' is the name of the species?
Greyhawk (reporter)
2010-04-08 20:06

"Man" has been used to describe the entire human race. Such as "The Dawn of Man". Though not as commonly used in this day and age.
dree12 (reporter)
2012-03-30 17:59

This is an old issue, but just adding: what would be the best way of resolving this? For example, let's say I place an Amphibian Man and then an Amphibian Woman.

Currently, it is as so:
Amphibian Man 1 (man)
Amphibian Man 2 (woman)

There are two methods I can think of to change this:
Method 1: Separating by Caste
Amphibian Man 1 (man)
Amphibian Woman 1 (woman)

Method 2: Incremental
Amphibian Man 1 (man)
Amphibian Woman 2 (woman)

And of course, keeping as is. As such, I added the Intentional/Expected tag.

The summary should be changed from "gender bias" to "caste indifference, which can cause gender bias".
SirPenguin (reporter)
2014-07-11 19:44

Still in 40.0x
Detros (manager)
2015-05-13 11:17

Still in 0.40.24 vanilla Arena: spawning of creature "giantess" makes a giantess called "Giant 1", spawning of creature "aardvark woman" makes an aardvark woman called "Aardvark Man 1" so three years old report from dree12 still holds.

In contrary to original report, creature "giantess" spawns a female creature with "Her" used in descriptions.

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