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0001639Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2010-04-29 10:542010-09-07 04:14
Assigned ToToady One 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformWindowsOSXPOS VersionSP2
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.13 
Summary0001639: Being enraged spams log
DescriptionI had a horde of goblins visiting my trade depot while there were merchants. Needless to say that a lot of my dwarf population got entangled in the combat.
I now have a civilian who had combat enabled (but was not in my military) who is "enraged at all enemies" and has been so for quite some time, even though all goblins are either dead or caged.
I can appreciate her being enraged, after all, an upper spine injury is probably quite painful, but it does spam my log with
"Zasit Athamsarvesh, Furnace Operator cancels Rest: Interrupted by Goblin Hammerman. x15"
I had to go through eight pages of similar messages before I could see that the merchants embarked on their journey.
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child of 0000352resolvedToady One Soldier cancels rest, interrupted by troglodyte who's nowhere close 

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Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-29 11:34

Probably related to 0001061.

If you kill the goblins in cages (recommended method - drop them in magma, off the edge of the map, or use an atom smasher) then "interrupt" your wounded dwarf in some manner, does it rest properly and stop spamming your gamelog?
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-04-29 11:40

It may be helpful to upload a save for this one. [^]
Yncke (reporter)
2010-04-29 12:18

Uploaded: [^]

I'll try to get them killed, but my first easy plan (a floor grate above a nice fall into the water) doesn't work; I can't build a cage on a floor grate (building present), it seems.
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-29 12:21

Cages are kind of like Schrodinger's box, things inside them are neither alive nor dead, so you'll need to do something more than drown them.
Toady One (administrator)
2010-09-07 04:14

Assuming it is the rest messages and not enraged messages that are spamming the log, this should be handled for 0.31.13.

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