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0002681Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2010-07-13 14:002010-08-10 00:07
Assigned ToToady One 
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Product Version0.31.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.11 
Summary0002681: Pri/Assignments broken
DescriptionFirstly, i want to say, that i know about current military stuff (it's bugged). But since it may be useful, i will still post, though i know, that no fix will be given to me.

The Pri/Assignments Field is pretty complicated thing. It doesn't give the function to delete assigned items. You can do it only via equipment - View screen by adding that same item (which is really difficult since i have 10+ steel mail shirts, though i found a way - forbid every mail shirt in stocks screen then unforbid the one you want dwarf to wear and then pick it).

Next, is that sometimes dwarf just doesn't want to pick an item. Mostly, i think, i found out the reason. For example, i assigned left and right steel gauntlets, but dwarf picked only left one. Why? Because 10 years ago, when his initial clothes were still in on piece (not tattered), the Pri/Assignments system assigned right pig fail glove. But now that glove is gone, i just can't dessignate it. So the dwarf still think, that he needs that right glove, and he won't wear the right gauntlet until he finds that glove or it will be deleted from Pri/Assignments... It's a very bad bug, since there are a lot of clothes (that are already dissappeared) assigned.

I checked it twice. When i assigned steel helmet, and dwarf just won't move, i checked his Pri/Assignments window and found out that he had iron helm assigned. I found it, unforbid, then deleted it from Pri/Assignments window - and MIRACLE - he just go and picks up the steel helmet.

So far i just want to ask a question - will various bugs concerning military equipment will be fixed in nearest future? And will the interface change somehow, to make it less complicated. Cause as it is now, most of players can't do a thing. As for me, i am just really glad, that my dwarf wore everything but right gauntlet and second high boot. At least he won't go into battle naked :)
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child of 0000535acknowledgedToady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 

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Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-13 15:57
edited on: 2010-07-13 16:00

So far i just want to ask a question - will various bugs concerning military equipment will be fixed in nearest future?

They're a priority right now, yes, although nobody can make any guarantees about when they'll all be fixed.

As for your report... it would be helpful to know what happened to the pig tail glove and iron helm. Were they being worn by another dwarf, like in 0000892? Had they been destroyed by rot/magma, or stolen by a kobold? Were they locked off in an inaccessible section of the map?

In any case, it would probably be helpful to upload a save demonstrating the problem. [^]

AravinS (reporter)
2010-07-13 16:36
edited on: 2010-07-13 16:48

Well, i was succesfull in removing iron helm. The problem is pig tail glove and several other things. I just have so MUCH of them, so i can't just possibly check them all.
What about things that were rotten - i am sure, that that right glove is rotten. Certainly. It was even tattered when being assigned in Pri/Assignments.

Here's my save. [^]

The one i try to equip is Shem Dodokemal, the militia commander. She picked up everything but steel right gauntlet (cause of being assigned with that *** rotten pig tail glove) and steel high boot (she picked one, and refused to pick another).

p.s. yeah. it's actually the XX pig tail fiber right glove XX and XX naked mole dog right mitten XX. I am pretty sure, that because of them, she refuses to equip right steel gauntlet. I am bloody sure that they are rotten.

And about steel highboot... well, i made sure, that assigned right one - she has TWO not one highboots in her equip screen. I just don't know why she doesn't wear it. It's very strange, cause practically her right hand and left foot are free. There is nothing - no shoe, no sock, no glove. They are just assigned..

I know, it sounds trivial and i repeat it in 100090 times, but it will be great to have an option to delete right in Pri/Assignments screen armor and weapon.

AravinS (reporter)
2010-08-05 18:33

Hell, yeah! In the latest version the bug is fixed. Equipping military now works well.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-08-05 19:17
edited on: 2010-08-05 19:17

Alright, cool. If it turns out that it wasn't fixed, feel free to reopen this report.

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