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0000300Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-04-03 13:072014-08-27 19:02
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.31.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000300: Soldiers haul booze barrels back to the barracks after drinking
DescriptionSo when my militia gets thirsty, they head to the booze pile, drink, then haul the barrel back to the barracks for their next duty. Then they realize they have a barrel they don't need and haul it back, then return to perform whatever it was they went to do.
Steps To ReproduceHave a thirsty military set to train in a barracks with a stockpile of booze somewhere.
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- Relationships
related to 0001174resolvedFootkerchief Dwarf is stuck doing non-cancelable tasks 
has duplicate 0000762closedFootkerchief Dwarves haul barrels around after drinking 
has duplicate 0002823resolvedFootkerchief Activated soldiers carrying stockpile stuff out to barracks then back 
has duplicate 0003839resolvedFootkerchief Barrels of alcohol left all over the place. 
child of 0000121new Record keeper keeps hauling items from previous jobs while updating records 

-  Notes
Quietust (reporter)
2010-04-03 14:13

This may be an existing bug from and prior - I recall seeing this before.
Draco18s (reporter)
2010-04-03 16:41

Its likely a holdover, though last I knew they'd forget they had the barrel at all (at least now they're recognizing it and re-storing it).
Artfunkel (reporter)
2010-04-10 10:57

My bookkeeper has just done this too. He's updating the records while dragging a rum barrel.
Kyle_Solo (reporter)
2010-06-07 12:26

So that's why there were suddenly barrels in my barracks...
Chthon (reporter)
2011-01-15 22:34

Yes, while I understand dwarves operate at best when inebriated, I don't find it appropriate that my bookkeeper and military carry kegs to their work. I mean you don't show up to work obviously drunk with a bottle in hand. Not even dwarves should do that.

Confirmed as existing in 31.18
Rosomack (reporter)
2011-12-05 07:28

Exists in 31.25. Happens very often with the military actually.
etherflan (reporter)
2012-03-04 00:16

0.34.04. They now seem to drop it on the floor once they reach their objective (enemy or barracks)
Kogut (reporter)
2012-03-28 08:15
edited on: 2012-03-28 08:19

34.06 save: swordsdwarf will go to booze stockpile (should happen before 4th galena), return with large pot and haul it back to the stockpile (unfortunately he prefers original stockpile rather than nearest) [^]

nshapter (reporter)
2012-09-04 11:03

This has always been the case in my fortresses, and is not limited to military. Haulers, workers, and even children do this consistently.

One recent example in 34.11

Fortress was sealed due to near constant zombies vs goblins above ground. Several caravans were destroyed.

Feeling brave one summer, I opened the gates and sent everyone out to collect the mess. Immediately I checked the job roster, and all the children were 'pickup equipment'. Mid Autumn comes, and I'm thinking it's unwise to be greedy so I start coaxing everyone inside by forbidding gear outdoor and making jobs active inside. Finally with one adult (legendary +5 Armorer of course) and one chile left outside, I try to catch them with a convoluted airlock scheme involving a food stockpile.

This doesn't work I find out because the overworld is littered with some 30 barrels of booze where none was before.
musicmastermsh (reporter)
2012-09-05 17:01

It's easy to order them all inside - just set your entire safe zone as one big burrow, then order all civilians to burrow. Of course, if your dwarves carried ALL the booze outside (I've got one moving ponderously slow because he insists on hauling a copper pot of booze with him), you may have some unexpected Fun. At least this issue produces (what I assume is) unexpected dwarfy behavior.
smjjames (reporter)
2013-10-02 17:23

I've been seeimng this in 34.11 with civillian dwarves in that they'll sometimes haul around a boze barrel or large pots while doing another job. looks like the pickup equipment job is triggering it? dunno.
goddosupido (reporter)
2014-08-27 18:08

same thing in 40.09. I've had soldiers bring their booze in the barracks and other dwarves/children in a fortress created in 40.05 or .06. In a last fort created in 40.09, miners hauled their barrel after drinking, and as mentionned by smjjames it looks sometimes related to pickup equipment job.

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