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0003034Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2010-08-15 08:292014-07-30 14:20
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.40.06 
Summary0003034: bone greaves require 3 stacks of bone (not just 3 bones)
DescriptionBone greaves use up three bones, which is not a problem. The craftsdwarf will bring three *stacks* of bones into the workshop. If you don't have three stacks, the job is cancelled. After the job is done, only three bones have been used up, as expected.
TagsArtifact, bones, stack
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child of 0000808resolvedToady One Processing Raw Turtles only makes one shell per stack, and other stack size issues 

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numerobis (reporter)
2010-08-15 12:29

Repro steps:
1. 'play now' embark
2. tear down the wagon, build butcher shop and craft workshop
3. butcher two dogs; we have about twenty bone but only two stacks.
4. make bone greaves at the craft workshop
Skivverus (reporter)
2011-02-20 19:06

This appears to be the case in 0.31.19 as well; or, at the very least, I'm getting "needs unrotten bone body part" cancellations for orders of bone greaves.

Somewhat more of an issue in the present version, I suppose.
Areyar (reporter)
2011-02-22 11:55

Artifacts also still use entire stacks of bone.
Not such an issue with dogbones, but with elephant/hydra/dragon/etc bones the stacks become much bigger.

Either stacks need to be devided into [5] on creation or artifacts need to use a number of bones rather than a stack.
The way stacks are hauled to sites where there is need for the items in said stacks seem to be the common bug.

Maybe not really a bug. (And I realise this is not suggestions)

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