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0003071Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2010-08-19 12:372012-03-17 07:13
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.22 
Summary0003071: All hardcoded materials (glass etc) have uninitialized MAX_EDGE and ABSORPTION and crappy yield/fracture/strain values
DescriptionIn an attempt to determine the various material properties of green glass, clear glass, and crystal glass, I've discovered that the game fails to initialize their MAX_EDGE values at all, resulting in them being mostly random each time you begin a game.

Using a memory viewer, one run in Arena mode resulted in green glass having max edge 102, clear glass having 1, and crystal glass having 93, while another run had 0 for green glass, 2 for clear glass, and 507 for crystal glass. In the data for the various metal types, the value is being set correctly.

On a related note, the physical properties for glass all seem to be placeholder values - all of the YIELD and FRACTURE values are 10000 and all of the STRAIN_AT_YIELD values are 0.
Additional InformationThis may explain the observation in 0002813 that glass trap components are ineffective.
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-  Notes
Quietust (reporter)
2010-08-19 13:04

This assumes that MAX_EDGE is used when determining the amount of damage inflicted by EDGE attacks (which it ought to), as opposed to only the YIELD/FRACTURE/STRAIN values.
Quietust (reporter)
2010-09-08 12:42
edited on: 2010-09-08 12:44

Further memory hacking seems to indicate that ALL of the hardcoded materials ("rock", amber, coral, green glass, clear glass, crystal glass, water, coal, potash, ash, pearlash, lye, mud, vomit, salt, brown filth, yellow filth, unknown substance, and grime) have an undefined MAX_EDGE, though in practice this only affects glass. They also all seem to use the same yield/fracture/strain values of 10000/10000/0, which may cause titans/demons/forgotten beasts made of these materials to be less dangerous than they ought to be.

Beeskee (reporter)
2010-09-08 15:43

You are a god.

And, just so I actually contribute something useful to the bug report, I've seen glass be pretty useless in several of my forts. I'm actually using the uselessness as part of a weapon design now.
Quietust (reporter)
2011-02-22 06:36
edited on: 2011-03-07 09:33

It should be noted that ABSORPTION is also uninitialized, which means that glass jugs and pots will frequently be unusable for liquid storage.

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