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0003172Dwarf FortressSitespublic2010-09-07 13:172014-01-25 05:57
Assigned ToKnight Otu 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformPCOSWindows XPOS Version
Product Version0.31.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003172: Rotting things inside a dark fortress produce no miasma.
DescriptionFood, body parts, and other rottables that are inside a dark fortress will rot, but will not produce miasma, as though they are outside. At the same site, rottables underground *will* produce miasma, so it's likely something to do with the dark fortress itself.
Steps To Reproduce1. Embark on a ruined dark fortress.
2. Build a butcher shop inside the dark fortress.
3. Butcher an animal and let it rot.
Tags0.31.12, Dark Fortress, miasma, rotting
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has duplicate 0003278resolvedFootkerchief Miasma not generated under Constructed Floors 
related to 0001140resolvedToady One "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned 

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Knight Otu (manager)
2014-01-25 05:57

Miasma only occurs underground. Aboveground, whether indoors or outdoors, it won't occur.

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