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0000034Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Roomspublic2010-04-01 15:512011-01-11 05:18
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformXPS M1730 LaptopOSWindows Vista Home PremiumOS VersionSP2
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.13 
Summary0000034: Assigned rooms not respected
DescriptionDwarves appear to sleep in any room, eat in offices, etc., when that room is not assigned to them, but is assigned to someone else. Also, dwarves that have assigned rooms will still sleep in other people's rooms.
Steps To ReproduceAssign an office and bedroom to the expedition leader. Have another bed designated as a room for rent. The expedition leader won't necessarily go to his room to sleep, but may instead sleep in the room available for rent (even if another dwarf has claimed it).
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parent of 0001309resolvedToady One Dormitories counted as own bedroom. 
parent of 0001992resolvedToady One Dwarves do not assign selves to empty bedrooms. 
has duplicate 0000880closedFootkerchief Dwarves sleep in any bed even if they have one assigned to them 
has duplicate 0000079closedFootkerchief Dwarves not sleeping in their own rooms. 
has duplicate 0002138closedLogical2u Dwarves will use any bed. 
has duplicate 0002426resolvedFootkerchief Dwarves don't use their own room for sleeping 
has duplicate 0002649resolvedLogical2u Dwarves sleep in wrong rooms 
has duplicate 0002951resolvedFootkerchief Dwarves will sleep in any bed, even when a room is assigned to them. 
related to 0000647resolvedToady One Uninjured dwarves sleep in hospital instead of dormitory, and other bedroom/sleeping issues 
related to 0002137resolvedToady One Dwarves will not use chairs or Tables if assigned to meeting hall. 

-  Notes
Shurhaian (reporter)
2010-04-03 04:33

This also means that dwarves will shun the grand public dining room, going instead to eat their meals in someone's meager office and complaining about the lack of tables(and, of course, not getting the happy thought from eating in the big dining room). Unsure if they will complain about sleeping without a proper room.
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-03 20:00

Yep, this is occurring to me in my current fort. Just assigned bedrooms to my starting seven when the migrant wave hit, and no one is sleeping where they are supposed to, although they do "take breaks" in the right room.

Thoughtwise they don't seem to care where they sleep and get good thoughts for having a bed assigned to them.
Kalrirr (reporter)
2010-04-04 07:52

Also everyone ignores the dormitory and sleeps in hospital beds instead.
madjoe5 (reporter)
2010-04-04 18:25

Do injured dwarves sleep in hospitals?
Shurhaian (reporter)
2010-04-04 19:43

Injured dwarves will go to hospitals(though they've been reported as sometimes sleeping on boxes, or falling out of beds and not getting back in them, and being untreatable in both cases).
Nikov (reporter)
2010-04-05 00:43

My poor dwarf with a fractured lower spine kept getting dumped out of a HOSPITAL bed every time someone else wanted to take a nap.
Ashery (reporter)
2010-04-05 23:21

Having the same issue regarding uninjured dwarves sleeping in hospital beds. I might just forgo a public dormitory and just throw in a bunch of extra beds in the hospital.
Nimrod (reporter)
2010-04-07 08:47


also: (brutally) injured dwarf was carried to a dormitory instead to the hospital just now (hospital is faaaar away though, maybe he wouldnt have made it there) - he is receiving treatment from my docs normally there.
mrdudeguy (reporter)
2010-04-09 11:45

I can confirm bad thought about not having slept in a proper room.
Zas (reporter)
2010-04-09 12:20

Well, it was always that way, wasn't it? Definitely a bug, but quite an old one.
RusAnon (reporter)
2010-04-09 20:00

>Well, it was always that way, wasn't it? Definitely a bug, but quite an old one.

No, in 40d dwarfs never use rooms which were assigned to other dwarfs.
derigo (reporter)
2010-04-10 14:20

>No, in 40d dwarfs never use rooms which were assigned to other dwarfs.

unless they were romantically involved, but that doesn't apply here
kaefermelder (reporter)
2010-04-10 18:02

I also had

*not respecting others rooms
*using the hospital beds

Now every dwarf has his own room/bed and - possibly more important- i have also built, but unused beds and unasigned bedrooms, it seems to be gone. I do not have barracks or dormitories.
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-11 12:39

I still have the issue, and I have...

A bed with no assigned bedroom
A dorm
A barrack
A free bedroom (IE: Owner:None)

And the dwarves will still prefer to use someone else's bed rather than their own.
zSmokez (reporter)
2010-04-11 13:15

My dwarves have a sort of fetish for kicking brain damaged patients out of their beds so they can get their beauty sleep.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a new dwarven form of sadism >_>.
Kumquat (reporter)
2010-04-30 14:11
edited on: 2010-04-30 14:11

This seems to be completely random as I just spotted a couple masons not going to the hospital about 20 squares away, not going to their own rooms 30 squares away from the workshops (walking distance; linear distance much less, obviously), but taking a long trek 50 levels down to the dorm I set up for magma smelter operators...

jgoodwin (reporter)
2010-05-13 23:52

confirm not respecting others room

I had a bunch of unassigned beds, and no one owned a bedroom. I assigned the mayor a bedroom and almost immediately another dwarf went to sleep in it. This other dwarf is not married and is romantically involved with a dwarf other than the bedroom owner. She got a happy thought about having slept in a fantastic bedroom even before waking up. I didn't have any hospital beds or barracks beds.
Dekon (reporter)
2010-05-14 02:27

This also seems true with chairs vs dining rooms. Dwarfs will sometimes skip dining rooms in favor of just eating wherever - another dwarf's dining room, a chair with no attaching table (and thus complain of a lack of tables). Seriously, they'll just ignore a legendary dining room in favor of a chair somewhere. It's kind of silly.
Inspiration (reporter)
2010-05-16 08:33

I think it's a sort of sick pleasure dwarves get. They sleep in someone else's bed, hoping the guy will walk through the door. My friggin mason walked past his room to sleep in a farmer's room. They have a grudge.
barconis (reporter)
2010-06-06 14:11

My baroness apparently likes slumming. She has a perfectly acceptable bedroom assigned, but insists on going out of her way to sleep in a commoner's bed. There's no romantic involvement, she doesn't have more than a passing acquaintance with anybody. (31.04)
Malicus (reporter)
2010-06-06 14:58

I've seen a military dwarf actually respect bedrooms, as he slept on the floor instead of my one big bedroom until I gave him his own assigned bed, then he slept in that bed. However, this same military dwarf did NOT seem to understand that he could eat in the public dining room -- he just grabbed the food and ate it where he grabbed it.
DarthCloakedDwarf (reporter)
2010-06-10 09:01

This is because dwarves work themselves to exhaustion and then take the nearest bed because they're too exhausted to walk to their own.
Kyle_Solo (reporter)
2010-06-11 06:03

If that's true then it should be fixed in 0.31.07... I guess we'll find out.
kwieland (reporter)
2010-06-15 14:56

This might be related to individual items. For instance, an office most likely has a table in it that isn't assigned. Is it possible that the dwarfs just look for an unassigned table to eat at, nevermind the chair is claimed?
BoomClap (reporter)
2010-06-20 22:42

same thing happens in 0.31.08.
Beeskee (reporter)
2010-06-26 11:11

Same here, in two forts, one of them generated in 31.08. The other fort was from an older version, I wasn't sure if that was causing it or not.

I had this problem in a well-connected nano fort too so I don't think distance was an issue...
prios (reporter)
2010-07-14 10:08
edited on: 2010-07-14 10:26

Still happens in 31.10, in a small fort with every single dwarf assigned their own bedroom. (Excluding married couples, of course, who share a bedroom.)

ETA: Dorfs who go to their bedrooms for "me time" when "On Break" never use somebody else's bedrooms, incidentally; they appear to always respect room assignments in this case. It's not uncommon to see Urist McKatoK sleeping in Urist McOnBreak's bed while McOnBreak is lounging around right next to him, completely untroubled.
(Frankly, this bug would be a good thing if it weren't for the havoc it wreaks with hospitals, barracks, and noble bedrooms.)

prios (reporter)
2010-07-14 20:24
edited on: 2010-07-14 20:26

Watched the dorfs in my small fortress for a while, carefully, and did some testing. At one point I tried setting up a bed way far out at the northwest edge of the map.
Here's what I've seen:

Military dorfs lounging around doing combat training and such almost always respect their room assignments whenever possible. They also, notably, don't wait until "Drowsy" before running off to their bedroom; they scramble off to bed before the little grey blinking down arrow ever shows up.

Civilian dorfs pretty much always wait for the little blinking grey arrow to show up before they go to bed. They then pick the nearest bed and head there. They DON'T use pathfinding when determining which bed is nearest; if an unoccupied bed is on the next floor directly over Urist McTired's head, that is the bed he'll use -- even if, to reach it, he has to walk east past a bed that's 4 steps away on his floor, walk up a single floor of stairs, walk back west past his own not-in-use bedroom, and finally flop into his bed of choice. (I have seen this very thing happen, just as described, after I ended a party and followed the movements of the tired partygoers carefully.)

They almost certainly don't choose beds at random. I watched the bed way off in the corner of the map for ages, and nobody slept in it; then I assigned a bunch of tree-chopping, hauling, and plant gathering out near it, and sure enough somebody got tired and jumped into it. (It was in a little underground chamber.)

Apparently, what's happening is that dorfs panic a bit when they get a little drowsy, and seek an emergency bed. Unfortunately, they're way too cautious about it, heading for an emergency nap when their own bed is plenty close enough to reach without any risk of an "I'm tired" unhappy thought. The partying dwarf who walked right past his own bed and down to the end of a hallway is a perfect example: he had to travel relatively far to reach his chosen bed, but he didn't get an unhappy thought on the way.

So basically, the dorfs aren't too exhausted to reach their own beds without passing out or even becoming unhappy. They're just being ninnies.
Then again, I don't know for sure how long a tired dorf can hold out before becoming cranky about it. Perhaps this calls for a goblin-prisoner-repeater-style torture chamber with a dorf as the captive and a bed as the bait.

hyndis (reporter)
2010-07-15 15:23

Testing it would have to involve an absurdly long path.

Carve up a maze on multiple Z levels. Huge, gigantic maze so that it takes months to walk from one side to the other.

On one side of the maze put all of your beds. On the other side put a meeting zone.

If no beds are available dwarves will just sleep on the floor. If beds are available they will path to the nearest bed in terms of X and Y coordinates, but they do not take Z coordinates or pathing length into consideration. This means that if you have 10 dwarves and 20 beds, but the dwarf has to talk for 6 months to reach his bed, he'll keep on walking.

In theory!

I wonder if its possible to die from being too sleepy? What happens if a dwarf goes past being drowsy?
Rafal99 (reporter)
2010-07-20 12:32

Last time I tried being very drowsy for a long time in adventure mode it eventually resulted in adventurer going insane (Melancholy, Stark raving mad or Berserk).
smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-20 14:37

Similarily, could we get something done about the fact that dwarves don't recognize hospital beds as being 'only for wounded' and not 'for everybody to sleep in'?
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-20 15:23

That's 0000647.
oolon1 (reporter)
2010-07-28 10:13
edited on: 2010-07-28 10:14

No posts here for over a week, but this issue is still in full effect in 0.31.12. Dwarves ignore a hierarchy of choices regarding bed selection, choosing other dwarves' bedrooms and hospital beds before unassigned bedrooms and dormitories.

On a related note: I have militia dwarves choosing the floor of the barracks to sleep on over the empty beds. They are scheduled to sleep in barracks at will and the squad has permission to sleep in that barracks, and the barracks is designated from a bed.

KahunaGod (reporter)
2010-08-01 19:24

Yup. Same issue. Dont see a point in individual rooms anymore. Would be nice to see some action or response on this before the end of time................
E1727 (reporter)
2010-08-01 21:58

hyndis: The test you propose is sorta absurd, since it's basically testing the bleeding obvious. Dwarves have NEVER really handled Z-levels intelligently - they always consider it a "straight path", so (for instance) a stonecrafter will consider stone "A", lying 1 Z-level beneath the workshop, as closer than stone "B" four tiles away on the same Z-level as the workshop - never mind that getting at stone "A" requires him to take a staircase 100-odd tiles away.

Anyway, what's going on here seems pretty obvious: Dwarves now push themselves a little further before finally deciding to sleep, and once they do decide to sleep, they're in "panic mode" and will just seek out the nearest bed.

tl;dr = Prious is basically right.

Sleeping in general seems pretty messed up in the 0.31 release - not quite as bad as 0.28.39a, of course, but it'd be nice if this was addressed before the next big feature-push. My military dwarves are always one miasma away from unhappiness, despite masterwork statues and a mist generator in the barracks, partially because they would rather train until they pass out on the cave floor than utilize the lovely barrack beds not five steps away from them.
qwert (reporter)
2010-08-10 17:28

Same problem in my fortress, though it seems that distance is not necessarily the only factor for dwarves to sleep on an assigned bed; I've got an artifact bed assigned to my Mayor/Trader/Manager and it seems that there is always someone sleeping in it, even though every dwarf has a bedroom.
Mneh (reporter)
2010-08-16 19:11

When is this getting fixed? I consider it major and really can't play the game untill it is
jerobe (reporter)
2010-08-17 05:16

This is especially annoying when nobles reside in sub-par bedrooms and receive bad thoughts from doing so.
achilles (reporter)
2010-08-18 11:50

This is a definite game breaker since we cant really build a proper fortress now. Without the dwarfs falling asleep all over.. Can the creator change the priority and severity? Maybe it will get attention.
Shurhaian (reporter)
2010-08-18 17:33

@qwert: Are you sure that that bed isn't closer, in a straight line(not by pathfinding), to where your dwarves are normally working or milling about, compared to the bedrooms they should be using?

Concurring that this is a rather agitating error. At best it's a nuisance to have the bedrooms spurned. At worst it leads to deaths from needlessly-cluttered hospitals(and maybe nobles going insane because of the inferior conditions they're in, or just making more mandates and getting either other dwarves or themselves killed), and everything that comes attendant with dwarven deaths - that is, MORE dwarven deaths to tantrum spirals.
Toady One (administrator)
2010-09-06 03:54

I've sorted this one out for 0.31.13 -- at least I found a clear cause for the behavior, observed it happening, fixed it, and then it checked out fine when I tested it. Old forts might have to rebuild the beds etc. in question, since there is some lingering data that can't be easily identified and cleaned on load.

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