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0003409Dwarf FortressMap Featurespublic2010-10-10 17:442014-07-09 09:01
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.16 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.40.01 
Summary0003409: Goblin and dwarf sites often not showing on map
DescriptionAfter watching the historical maps, I'm finding that dwarf and goblin sites are usually not displaying. They are there, but there is no icon. Sometimes they appear and sometimes they don't, it's inconsistent. Elf sites seem to appear as normal.

I tried genning a world with caves visible to see if the issue was related to the hiding of caves, but though the caves were all visible, the problem with goblin and dwarf sites still happens.
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Valguris (reporter)
2011-02-26 02:30

I'm experiencing sane thing. Dwarves', goblins' and elves' sites are not being displayed on map, however I can see site name. Possibly some humans' sites aren't displayed as well.
Dwarfu (manager)
2011-02-26 03:26
edited on: 2011-02-26 03:27

Are either of you using any particular mods?

Also, are these actual sites or the new 'sprawl' sites?

TerryDactyl (reporter)
2011-02-26 14:13

31.19, noticed possibly related issue:

Dwarven civs do not show on the map, but the sites show on the local view. Investigating the world history gen...

Dwarves are mysteriously missing, and many sites have "0" animal populations listed.
Dwarfu (manager)
2011-03-12 07:56

Reminder sent to: cephalo, Valguris

Are either of you using any particular mods that might have changed the tile representing the capitals of those civs?

Are these just sprawl sites that you are seeing?
Valguris (reporter)
2011-03-12 08:54

No mods here.
This happens to non-sprawl sites as well.
cephalo (reporter)
2011-03-12 09:54

I use a custom tileset, but it has the same glyphs. I've used it since 40d. This issue first appeared in 31.16. I would expect this to happen to everyone though, is anyone not having this? Look at the history replay, and you should see influence spreading from invisible towns.
Dwarfu (manager)
2011-03-12 10:25

Ok, thanks for the follow-ups.
Knight Otu (manager)
2011-03-12 10:46

On the large scale map, the minor civ sites besides hamlets do not have any map symbols yet, and on the travel scale map, none of the non-city sites have any structures/maps yet, so nothing shows up. It has been this way since the introduction of entity populations. Toady has mentioned that some work into this might come with the army arc, after the current caravan/bug-fix release series.
cephalo (reporter)
2014-07-09 09:01

This appears to be fixed in 40.01.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-07-09 09:01


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