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0004133Dwarf FortressVegetationpublic2011-03-06 08:242012-05-28 17:53
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.19 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.34.06 
Summary0004133: Good/evil plants/trees don't appear (feather trees, glumprongs, sliver barbs, and sun berries)
DescriptionIn 0.31.19 there are none of this trees.
Steps To ReproduceEmbark in biome, where these trees must exist (good/evil, non-freesing, having living above-ground trees).
Additional InformationDeleting [GOOD]/[EVIL] tags in plant_standard.txt doesn't help, but is required with more editing to make some workaround (these trees will appear in any biomes - good, evil and normal): [^]

Bug still exists in 0.31.20.
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has duplicate 0004248resolvedFootkerchief Glumprongs? Sliverbarbs? 
has duplicate 0004421resolvedFootkerchief Sun Berries not extant 

-  Notes
wwWraith (reporter)
2011-03-08 05:23

It seems like the same situation exists with sliver barb and sun berries, but it is harder to detect as we can't see what the shrub is until it is gathered.
Quietust (reporter)
2011-03-08 05:45

They do show up, but only rarely - seemingly, good/evil/savage plants are only candidates for showing up in their respective regions, which means they still have to compete with all of the other plants that can show up there, and there's a limit on how many different types of plants can show up in a particular biome. This is also why good/evil regions don't always have the special good/evil grasses.

If you want a region that's guaranteed to have feather trees or glumprongs, embark on a good/evil Taiga, where the only other trees that can show up are pine and larch. Better yet, a Desert will only have saguaro to compete with the aligned trees.
wwWraith (reporter)
2011-03-08 07:57

May be so, but if I delete [GOOD]/[EVIL] tags in raws, it doesn't make them to have more "chances" to grow? And up to 31.18 these trees were in any appropriate biome; since 31.19 with several hundreds embarks I saw no one, and some people on the forum report this, too.

Generated some new worlds with default raws. Embarked on cold good taiga. There were pine, larch, birtch, maple, chestnut and highwood. Hot good desert: saguaro rib, highwood. Hot haunted rocky wasteland & mirthful tropical grassland: acacia, palm, saguaro rib, dead saguaro rib. Hot good desert & haunted badlands ("trees: scarce" on embark screen): no trees at all. Cold serene temperate savanna (it's offtopic, but I saw some more strange biomes, like freezing or cold jungle, desert, etc.; temperate desert just near the glacier, with snow-covered saguaro ribs; names like "dune of seas" or "of rivers"...) & shrubland: many different "common" trees. Still no feather trees.

So I think even if I just need (much) more luck, their rarity (if not complete unexistance) is still a bug.
Knight Otu (manager)
2011-03-08 08:13

At first I thought that it might be related to the fact that plant distribution was changed in 31.19 so that it only might turn up in certain good areas. But I've now created a world with good and evil turned up extremely, which should ensure a wider spread of these trees, but in three embarks in good biomes, I haven't seen feather trees. Plenty of good grasses, though, so whether there are sunberries I'll need to check with a changed shrub tile.
Quietust (reporter)
2011-03-08 09:24

Glumprongs and feather trees were uncommon in 0.31.18 but not impossible to find, but in 0.31.21 they indeed seem nearly impossible to find. Good/evil grasses are certainly rare, but they do show up from time to time.
Quietust (reporter)
2011-03-19 15:39

I just generated a world where all of the "unaligned" surface trees other than maple and willow were deleted (and maple and willow were both assigned to the NOT_FREEZING biome category so they'd show up everywhere), and glumprong/feather trees aren't showing up anywhere. Highwood trees are showing up just fine in Savage regions, though.

Something's definitely broken.
Jeoshua (reporter)
2011-04-23 16:58

Possible reason for this?

This seems to have happened right after grass was added. I have noticed similar scarcity of modded in animals when the default frequencies of the existing animals are not changed.

Basically the system is working as intended, but due to the large amount of new grass types, and their high frequency, the more rare and special types of plants are being crowded out by the ever-present grass.
Quietust (reporter)
2011-04-23 17:09

Jeoshua: that doesn't account for the experiment I performed immediately above, where there were exactly 2 types of unaligned trees in the entire world (maple and willow) and good/evil trees still refused to show up.
veok (reporter)
2011-07-14 13:28

Quietust, I think he's suggesting the number of grasses are also competing with the trees. Have you tried 2 types of unaligned trees and only 1 type of grass?
Quietust (reporter)
2011-07-14 14:55
edited on: 2011-07-15 06:46

veok: I just tried, and it made no difference - even with only 4 types of trees (unaligned, good, evil, and savage), 4 types of grass (unaligned, good, evil, and savage), and 4 types of surface shrubs (unaligned, good, evil, and savage), the good and evil trees/shrubs were completely absent. Good/evil grass did show up, but not consistently (i.e. numerous good/evil embarks had only "normal grass"), though savage grass/trees/shrubs pretty much always showed up in savage biomes.

ydaraishy (reporter)
2011-08-02 21:06
edited on: 2011-08-03 00:37

The problem seems to be that for some reason, you can only have one kind of good/evil plant per biome. Removing good/evil grasses from the raws altogether at least made one good/evil plant grow, and if you mod in good/evil subterranean trees, they'll always grow as long as there's only one kind (presumably per underground depth?).

Quietust (reporter)
2011-08-03 05:39
edited on: 2011-08-03 08:00

It's definitely possible to get both downy grass and bubble bulbs (or both wormy tendrils and staring eyeballs) in the same biome - I assume you're suggesting that the game only lets a biome have evil grass, evil trees, or evil shrubs, though the mere presence of evil grass in the raws seems to be enough to block evil trees and shrubs even if the grass isn't actually present in the biome...

Kogut (reporter)
2011-11-16 03:34

Reudh reported feather tree in his/her fort in world generated in 31.19 ( [^] )
Toady One (administrator)
2012-03-14 03:57

Should be cleared up for 0.34.06.

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