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0004165Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2011-03-08 07:242011-03-22 16:49
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSWindows XP SP3OS Version
Product Version0.31.21 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.31.22 
Summary0004165: Game crashes when I try to recieve a quest or report creature's death.
DescriptionAfter trying some quests, I can't receive or report a quest anymore. Whenever I select "Service" or "Spread news", the game crashes. Happens every single time in my current world unless the NPC says "I have no need of you". It still happens after I retire, or if I try playing as a different character. Other worlds aren't affected.
Additional InformationThe first time it happened, the NPC have been able to say the first 2 sentences - about the outlaw and his location (the same as one of my existing unfinished quests) - but the game has crashed when he was supposed to tell me the outlaw NPC's name. Now, it crashes as soon as I pick either of two options, even after retiring or as a completely different character.

If it helps, the bandit leader from that quest have either escaped or hasn't been there at all. I haven't even seen him, even though the entire bandit camp was after me.
Tagsadventure mode, crash, reports, Save Included
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-  Notes
Footkerchief (manager)
2011-03-08 07:55

Reminder sent to: Step

It would probably be helpful to upload a save which is as close as possible to a reproducible crash. You can upload to [^]
Step (reporter)
2011-03-08 11:30

Here is the file, since I'm not sure how to edit the issue: [^]
Kyriakos (reporter)
2011-03-09 13:53

I experience the same/similar issue with the "Service" dialog option, on a newly-generated world. OS: Ubuntu 10.04 . It seems like it has some caveats, since I could report just fine to castle lords, but it looks 100% reproducible with peasants.
thvaz (reporter)
2011-03-09 14:02

Confirming. It happened twice in a row as I went to reporting the kill of a bandit.
Step (reporter)
2011-03-10 03:04

OK, now I'd really like to know how to edit the issue, because apparently, the reproducibility should be "random", not "always". After traveling around the region and slaying a bunch of legendary beasts, I can now report my deeds to people again. Should I upload the newer save file as well?
ANormalUsername (reporter)
2011-03-10 13:32
edited on: 2011-03-10 13:32

Confirming. It does only seem to occur with Peasants, and only occurs when you report success or ask for a service

Dwarfu (manager)
2011-03-10 13:34
edited on: 2011-03-10 13:38

Step, you can't edit it, but I'll make the change for you.

Go ahead and upload the save and post a link just in case Toady needs it.

Did this happen as a result of saving and reloading?

Also, were you reporting to peasants or lords as noted in Kyriakos' report above?

Step (reporter)
2011-03-10 14:11

I have managed to report my quests to regular townsfolk, not a lord of any kind, but they were from a different nation. Please wait for a bit, I'll travel back and see if the other nation still crashes the game.

It (the fix) didn't happen as a result of saving and reloading, that I'm sure of. I've restarted the game many times, and have rebooted once, but only after I went on a night creature killing spree things have fixed.

5 creatures aren't the only who have died, though: I've also seen a bandit leader and a male banshee die. Not sure if either of those could cause this crash, but I just found it funny that they both were killed by the same horse.
EmperorJon (reporter)
2011-03-10 15:02

Step (reporter)
2011-03-10 16:09

Here is the new save. I can now report news and take quests (just to find the lord, though), even back where all those crashes have happened: [^]

I guess that one of the fame stages is improperly coded.
theTrueMikeBrown (reporter)
2011-03-18 09:47

I have been having a similar crash, and have a save game to back it up.

Just load the game and talk to the nearest human. if you ask for a quest it crashes. Also, if you travel east and get a quest to kill bandits the game will crash when you try to report success [^]

this happened for me 5 out of 5 times (though I cannot guarantee that you will hit it)

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