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0000425Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2010-04-04 15:332018-02-01 14:03
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.31.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000425: Dwarves Not Cleaning Blood
DescriptionI'm not seeing any cleaning tasks generated for the blood at the bottom of my (now dry) well.
Steps To ReproduceGet blood splatter on walls and floors, pushed around by water.
Additional InformationSome moron dwarf decided to take a "short cut" through my "fill the reservoir" tunnels and got himself washed down the pipe. He fell two levels and died instantly. Another dwarf around the same time, fell and bleed to death. They left quite a mess and no one is cleaning it up.
Tagsblood, Cleaning
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has duplicate 0009966resolvedLoci Dwarves do not clean vomit 
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-  Notes
MysteriousAges (reporter)
2010-04-10 11:01

There were a couple of pools of racoon blood in my dining hall. Now the dining hall is almost completely filled with splatters of blood, and it's growing. It's been like that for at least a couple seasons.
barconis (reporter)
2010-04-18 11:38

It seems like dwarves would rather have no job at all and track blood around than to spend the time doing cleaning tasks. Sometimes a cleaning task does get done, but there are tiles near my well with 70 blood smears stacked on them that never get cleaned. They just get a pile of loamy sand sprinkled on top.
Creidieki (reporter)
2010-07-07 16:52

This might be bug 0001140? Or it may have been fixed with the pathfinding problems. If you're still experiencing this in 31.08, could you upload a save to [^] ?
Niveras (reporter)
2010-07-21 07:54

My experience with this issue is that cleaning jobs just aren't being generated frequently (e.g. inactive in the job list waiting for someone to pick it up, like you see with hauling tasks or workshops tasks you've added). It seems like there needs to be a dwarf idling or seeking a new job very close - a distance of only a couple tiles - to the contaminants before a cleaning job will be generated, after which a dwarf will head over and clean the 3x3 block. I've noticed this after my bloody cavern entrance, a couple hundred tiles away from my dining/meeting hall, remained unclean until I designated the only active meeting hall there - at which point all the blood was quickly cleaned.

Note also that contaminant cleaning only targets floors. While walls will be cleaned if they are part of the 3x3 block, they'll never be the specific target for cleaning, probably because the dwarf needs to stand on the tile targeted for cleaning.

I've also noticed that, generally, only one cleaning job will be created at a time. This may be a result of my haulers all being "occasionally given to procrastination" or "very rarely does more work than is necessary" (personalities that also seem to interfere with individual dwarf training if drafted), but in cases where there are clearly many more than 1 3x3 block of contaminants, many dwarves remain idle as only one or two handle the actual cleaning. This could also just be a result of whatever function that generates cleaning jobs preventing overlapping cleaning jobs; that is, if a tile will get cleaned by a job on an adjacent tile, it won't produce a second job because it'll be cleaned anyway.
hyndis (reporter)
2010-11-17 11:29

I'm not sure what triggers an idle dwarf cleaning things. You can have 50+ idlers, and oceans of blood, and maybe, just maybe, if you're very lucky, one of them might go and clean up a little section of bloodspatter.

This seems to happen more often near a meeting zone. Also its not a regular job where all idlers will rush off and do it, such as if you have a lot of things that need hauling. Also it has to be below ground.

There is something else that triggers cleaning. Its not a regular job like hauling an object. There is another requirement. You need to have blood spatter somewhere and some other trigger, and both must be active for the dwarf to clean it up.

Can the other triggers or requirement be relaxed or outright removed? That would put cleaning spatter on the same kind of priority as hauling useless rocks around, and so any messes would be very quickly tidied up.

So the three requirements are:

1) Spatter must exist.
2) Spatter must be below ground.
3) ?????

Why do 2 and 3 need to exist? Just unlink them to the cleaning job. That way your dorfs will quickly clean up after even huge sieges, even above ground. This of course could lead them rushing outside to danger, but the same thing would happen if you don't have your civilians confined to a burrow and someone drops a sock on the battlefield, so that isn't a major drawback.
Narmio (reporter)
2010-11-17 17:56

Alternative solution: Add a "Clean" designation to the 'd' menu. That way you can clean or not clean to your heart's content.
hyndis (reporter)
2010-11-20 14:30

Standing orders would perhaps be more useful to allow universal cleaning commands.

-No cleaning.
-Clean underground.
-Clean everywhere.

Let the player toggle between options.
Kogut (reporter)
2011-04-03 11:39

Still in .25
vasiln (reporter)
2011-07-31 23:54

Just a quick note-- is it possible that the dwarves are not cleaning the square because it is muddy?

My dwarves clean almost the entirety of my fortress, with a few exceptions-- they don't clean my farm plots, and they don't clean my bathtubs. Both of which are muddy. I was inclined to chalk it up to the presence of water in my bathtubs, but I believe that mud could explain it just as easily, and would explain this bug report also (drained well).
etherflan (reporter)
2012-03-02 21:19

This seems to still exist on 0.34.04
My front hall has been covered in blood from when a kobold thief got in. Still there after several seasons, and dwarves with no job don't seem to be interested. Not muddy, not lit, is underground...
kaypy (reporter)
2012-03-25 03:16

Does this affect floors or just walls? In my experiments, floors are cleaned in a reasonably timely manner, but walls are only ever cleaned as a side effect of being next to a floor cleaning.

If it *does* affect walls, can someone UPLOAD A SAVE?
Loci (manager)
2014-07-29 13:01

Confirmed in 0.40.05. Dwarves still refuse to clean in general, unless they happen to be near a mess after completing a different job. When cleaning tasks do get generated, it is not possible to remove the assigned dwarf in the jobs screen.
Kirkegaard (reporter)
2014-08-14 15:28

I tend to disagree I find that cleaning seem to work well in 40.6-7-8.
Muumeh (reporter)
2014-08-14 16:08

I've seen dwarves clean cave moss cavern floor from blood and totally ignoring the all-over-the-place-red-goblin-mass-murder-room. I did get some success by making a squad of 2-4 dwarves with no other jobs than cleaning, and then using the s-key to station them to the area with the mess. After all were there, I'd cancel the order and with some luck they cleaned the stuff. I think they grew less effective over time, possibly because they would not go around cleaning by themselves while not in duty, but would just sit idly at the meeting area and become legendary conversationalists and so on, while being grumpy about lack of work. So.. to avoid that I made them haulers or something and when needed cleaning badly, unassigned all other jobs so they wouldn't run away so easily to do something else after canceling the station order.
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2014-09-13 06:28

This still seems pretty bad in 40.12 to me, contrary to what Kirkegaard suggests.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-09-13 07:06

Please upload saves that reproduce the problem to [^] and post the links here.
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2014-09-26 19:47

Vomitorium. [^]
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2014-12-31 05:11
edited on: 2015-01-03 04:03

Blood cleaning jobs are still rarely generated in my experience. [^]

Dwarves walk over that area all the time and I have only ever spotted one tile getting cleaned.

[EDIT] OK, dwarves _do_ clean blood. At least sometimes. I haven't been able to produce a clear case where idle dwarves stuck in a place with blood will completely refuse to clean. I think it's just a priority thing. Which is for suggestions, not bugs.

glindsey1979 (reporter)
2015-01-10 06:42

I'm still seeing this in 40.24... I have a dwarf with all professions turned off except cleaning, and a main hall that is absolutely covered in vomit and blood, and he sits at "No Job".
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2015-01-10 07:46

I suggest you upload a savefile then.
Loci (manager)
2015-01-10 07:49


This is not just a priority problem. Yes, dwarves clean "sometimes", for a particular definition of "sometimes". Specifically, a dwarf needs to be near a mess (on the same z-level and within so many tiles) when they finish a different job, then there's a chance they'll go clean it up. If the mess is in a section of your fort, no matter how well traveled, without any jobs being completed then dwarves will ignore it. My dwarves would regularly run out into the wild caverns to clean up hunting blood (after pasturing an animal in the cavern, most likely), but never had the inclination to clean the blood-soaked central stairway they had to walk through (twice!) for each such job.

One workaround is to assign cleaning to your stone detailing dwarves, then add a smooth stone job near the mess (to force a cleaning dwarf to complete a job in the vicinity).
risusinf (reporter)
2018-01-08 22:38
edited on: 2018-01-08 22:50

Cleaning really should be a [d]esignation operation, at least as temporary solution. This would allow manually prevent performance losses and avoid some other problems, e.g. dwarves doing unnecessary cleaning in temporarily opened caverns. Even if at-will cleaning is fixed they will constantly end up somewhere they shouldn't be at.

Sarmatian123 (reporter)
2018-01-09 01:21
edited on: 2018-01-11 05:48

So long tiles are underground, Dwarves do clean, just close in space around them.

Walls are not cleaned from blood sometimes and never alone. It depends where Dwarf is standing when cleaning blood from floor. So blood from wall is sometimes cleaned up.

You have underground bloodied tile? Design using "i" dump tile close to it. Order 10 dumping jobs. You will see one of them "bothering" to clean some of the mess. Repeat until everything is cleaned but walls.

In my case bottom of my mass pit, where I have constructed goblin-smasher bridge never is cleaned from vomit and blood, despite being underground. However when I was dumping some refuse for atom smashing, before mass dumping goblins, I noticed this strange cleaning Dwarf behavior.

PS. Dwarves never clean blood and water pools from corner of Farmer Workshop, where animals are put in to be worked on. As this is like not whole 1/7 water (contents of water buckets used once or twice...), it also never evaporates either and never creates any mud.

PS2. 0.43.05->0.44.04... I didn't notice, if Dwarves clean that corner of Farmer Workshop or not, but after DF upgrade and marking shop for deconstruction... water pool in workshop corner vanished mysteriously. THANKS TOADY! :)

Loci (manager)
2018-02-01 14:03

v0.44.06: Toady modified the cleaning code to "clean inside non-subterranean areas, as well as outside areas on constructions and buildings; they'll also chain cleanings so they at least get a good swath of a giant green smear before moving on. More needs to be done with cleaning, but this should help."

devlog 01/27/2018

"though it still requires an idle dwarf in the area currently to get the job started"

FoTF [^]

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