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0004292Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2011-03-21 13:582011-03-31 20:04
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Summary0004292: Dwarves complain that there is no well when there actually is, and dwarves are drinking from it
DescriptionMy baron complained of the "lack of a well" when there was a perfectly functioning well with plenty of water in it, and other dwarves were drinking from it. Other dwarves also complained. I think that this problem happens every time that a dwarf wants to drink from the well while another dwarf is using it. The obvious workaround is to have several wells, each of which has water only 1 Z-level below the bucket, so as to minimize the time it takes to use the well. Which would of course be a huge, huge pain in the ass to set up on an embark site where the only water is in a cave 150 Z-levels deep underground.
Steps To Reproduce1. Build a well.
2. Have lots of dwarves, and run out of booze.
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duplicate of 0001007new Wells become unusable after being used for anything other than drinking 

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Quietust (reporter)
2011-03-21 14:15

How long has it been since you built the well? If it's been less than a year, then it's possible the baron's complaint was from before the well was even built.
Jyrinx (reporter)
2011-03-21 16:43

I can tell you I see the same thing, with a well that's been around more than a year. Also, during the winter when most water sources are frozen, I often get job cancellations saying "No water source" despite my two functioning wells (hospital and non-hospital).

That fortress was lost to goblins, though, so I can't try adding more wells to see if it helps ...
greycat (reporter)
2011-03-21 17:06

There are a finite number of spaces adjacent to each well. Only one dwarf can "use" each space at a time, and their claiming of a well spot lasts from the moment they start the well-space-requiring job until they're done with the well -- that includes their travel time to the well, plus possibly picking up a bucket along the way.

So the most probably explanation for this is that you need more wells, or more open space around them, or shorter pathing to them, or more patient dwarves. Good luck with the last one....
Dwarfu (manager)
2011-03-31 19:08

If Quietust's explanation doesn't explain your situation, then greycat is correct, it is a matter of too many dwarfs trying to use the well at one time. It is the same as a dwarf claiming a barrel to drink and no other dwarf can drink from it (if you have 10 booze all in one barrel, only one dwarf can drink, not 10). Your options are to build more wells or brew more booze. As such, it is working as intended.

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