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0004480Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2011-04-09 05:222014-01-28 05:57
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformIntel I5-2500 8 GB ram OSUbuntu linuxOS VersionMaverick Meercat
Product Version0.31.25 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004480: Crash or hang when embark has 3+ biomes
DescriptionDwarf fortress will reliably crash or hang when embarking on the attached map in a specific location (as shown in the picture with the saved region). If you embark in a different location it might not crash. Usually Dwarf Fortress crashes after eating up lots of memory. Sometimes DF hangs instead of crashing while using %100 of a CPU core and almost 4 GB of ram (the limit for a 32 bit program). Either way it stays on the previous screen for awhile until it crashes or hangs. The screen that describes the new embark location never shows up so the last screen you see is the one right before that (prepare carefully/ start now). Regardless, DF uses a normal amount of memory until just before embarking in that location. Only mod installed is Ironhand's graphics set. The map was generated using custom parameters. I was able to successfully embark in a different location on the same map although with DF using 2GB of ram. A different map will embark with about 370 MB of ram (same size embark) so it seems like there's something odd about this map.

Save is at: [^]
It also includes some memory information from the time between embarking and crashing (after selecting play now).
Steps To ReproduceAfter loading my region from [^]
go to the location in the picture included with the save (yes its 4X5).
Embark either using the play now option or prepare carefully.
If using the prepare carefully option press the 'e' key to actually embark.

Watch memory usage increase until it crashes (it may take some time).
Additional InformationDwarf fortress output:

Loading bindings from data/init/interface.txt
New window size: 1440x450
Font size: 18x18
Resizing grid to 80x25
Resizing font to 18x18
Picked font at 15 points for ceiling 18

Resetting textures
Resetting textures
Dwarf_Fortress: malloc.c:4631: _int_malloc: Assertion `(unsigned long)(size) >= (unsigned long)(nb)' failed.

Loading bindings from data/init/interface.txt
New window size: 1440x450
Font size: 18x18
Resizing grid to 80x25
Resizing font to 18x18
Picked font at 15 points for ceiling 18

Resetting textures
Resetting textures
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
  what(): std::bad_alloc

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duplicate of 0005077resolvedToady One Browsing world gen map causes corrupted feature files 
has duplicate 0004436resolvedFootkerchief Crash when Embarking on Lakes 

-  Notes
thermite (reporter)
2011-04-09 05:26

Hmm... MANTIS formatted something a little weird the "0000085:0000370 MB" is supposed to be ~ 370 MB
Footkerchief (manager)
2011-04-09 07:36

I fixed the formatting issue.

How big is your map? The default is 4x4, the maximum is 16x16.
thermite (reporter)
2011-04-09 08:54
edited on: 2011-04-09 09:12

The embark size is a 4x5. It's my normal size which is normally well behaved (like the one I'm using on the world generated after this one). I just checked and it will still crash on a 4X4 embark in that same location.

thermite (reporter)
2011-04-09 10:25

From some random testing it seems like this has something to do with the number of biomes the embark location has. If the embark location has 1 or 2 biomes in it then it will probably run fine with a normal memory footprint. If the embark location has 3 or 4 biomes it will probably crash like originally reported or freeze at 100% of a cpu core after showing the the welcome screen with a larger than normal memory footprint. The original location I embarked at had 3 biomes. The other factor that may have come into play is that the setup used to generate this world used weighted meshes and the default configurations don't.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-01-28 05:57

Save has 0005077-style feature corruption. If there's still an issue with the number of biomes, please reopen this or PM me on the forums.

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