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0004553Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2011-04-21 20:192012-05-17 17:45
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PlatformMacBookOSOSXOS Version10.5.8
Product Version0.31.25 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004553: Extra dwarves stuck in hospital beds
Description [^] Mayday tileset used.

This was a world originally genned in .20 or .21, but seems to work fine in .25. All the bugged events occurred a year or more after the .25 port.

First of all, from looking at the hospital you can see that wounded patients have been "stacked". That is to say, there is a bed, and a dwarf is resting in the bed, along with one to two dwarves standing on top of them, set to "no job" and unable to move or be touched. They eventually died of dehydration.

Second, one of the dwarves is stuck in a permanent Stunned/Unconscious loop, with no way to be moved, including removing the bed. I have since locked the dwarves to see if I can starve him dead. Otherwise, he's a undead... thing.

Third, there is a patient who is eventually moved to traction, where he sat and lagged everything, slowly being healed and immobilized until he was completely healed except for needing a crutch. Nonetheless he stayed in traction, resting, with the doctor re diagnosing him every so often, and occasionally washing his wounds. Eventually, he died of infection, and the lag stopped. I have his lag in a separate save and will post this as a different bug unless there are any objections.
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related to 0003575new Injured couple shares hospital bed 
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has duplicate 0004938resolvedDwarfu Multiple dwarves pick same bed in hospital, one dies of thirst 

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Cespinarve (reporter)
2011-05-06 15:50

A wrk around to the stuck, stacked patients is to remove the bed and then build a cage trap underneath. While this doesn't trap them in a cage, it does seem to inspire them to crawl to a bed.
Granite26 (reporter)
2012-02-25 18:39

I'm seeing this in 34.2. I just backed up the save, but it doesn't seem helpful,
Footkerchief (manager)
2012-03-05 08:47

Reminder sent to: Granite26

Please upload the save.

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