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0005535Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Renderingpublic2012-03-03 22:172012-03-04 06:19
Assigned ToLogical2u 
StatusresolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Platformx86-64OSWin7 64bitOS Versionsp1
Product Version0.34.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005535: Resizing window causes freeze with GeForce 295.73 drivers
DescriptionThis was previously reported here: [^]

It was closed and I mentioned it on the forums. I thought I would request that the ticket be reopened.
Steps To ReproduceGame runs fine until I resize the window. Does not matter what screen I'm on, it's the resizing itself that causes the freeze. It does not actually crash and needs to be closed via the task manager.
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duplicate of 0005400resolvedBaughn Resizing window causes freeze with GeForce 295.73 drivers 

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krenshala (reporter)
2012-03-03 22:21

In d_init.txt what do you have set for PRINT_MODE? Not sure if it matters, but that might be making a difference.
burned (reporter)
2012-03-03 22:33

@krenshala STANDARD
SP2 (reporter)
2012-03-03 22:48

I've tried both STANDARD and FRAME_BUFFER, and I have the exact same setup as the previous report (not this one) and I do not get any freezes when resizing or maximizing, are you sure it's to do with the drivers? If so, then why can't I reproduce? (GeForce 560ti, 295.73 drivers, Windows 7 64-bit for clarification purposes).
burned (reporter)
2012-03-03 22:55

@SP2 I'm not sure what it has to do with. I can just reproduce it.

When it first occurred, I came here and the previous report matched my issue. I mentioned the OS, drivers, etc because they were the same; not because I know that they are causing the issue.

I hope that is helpful.
SP2 (reporter)
2012-03-03 22:57

I'm trying to eliminate any potential causes, is all.
burned (reporter)
2012-03-03 23:07

@SP2 No worries. I just realized I just copied and pasted the summary from the previous report (which does blame the drivers).

I was not meaning to assume I knew what was going on. Let me know if you guys need any information I did not think of and thanks.
d64 (reporter)
2012-03-04 00:51

Of course there's no hard evidence that it'd be the drivers, but I played df just before the upgrade with no problems, and after the upgrade the issue came up. I'm having a hard time thinking of what else could be the change that caused it.

It'd be interesting to know how many people are using 295.73 and non-2d mode with no problems. Could be that the issue is just affecting some specific configuration.
Olith McHuman (reporter)
2012-03-04 03:17

Windows 7 x64, GeForce 550ti, print mode standard. Driver version 295.73.

I can reproduce this if I set [ARB_SYNC:YES]; it freezes right when I re-size the window. If arb sync is off, the game keeps working normally.

Maybe people could retest with arb sync on and off?
Logical2u (manager)
2012-03-04 06:19
edited on: 2012-03-04 06:20

Unfortunately this is a bug that Baughn would have to handle, and as mentioned over at 0005400, he simply can't fix it.

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