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0005562Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2012-03-06 19:012012-03-06 20:48
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformOSWindows 7OS Version
Product Version0.34.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005562: New instance of loyalty cascade-inducing quest target
DescriptionGot a quest in a town to kill a goblin overlord living in a house in said town. Goblin overlord is friendly until attacked, attacking causes me to become an enemy of the site government at least (other NPCs in house began attacking me). Presumably highly related to 0005064, but in a way that didn't get fixed when Toady One dealt with that one. Note that it is a human town.
Steps To ReproduceSavegame provided with me standing next to the goblin overlord, savescummed to before I attacked her to check if it caused a loyalty cascade.

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duplicate of 0005064resolvedToady One Outcast criminals live in town houses, keep old civ memberships, cause loyalty cascades 

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Footkerchief (manager)
2012-03-06 19:24

Just to make sure -- what version was the world generated in?
shinziril (reporter)
2012-03-06 20:31
edited on: 2012-03-06 20:33

*glares at old savefiles*

*notices savefile with this name in the 0.34.02 folder*


I will say that I didn't get any *other* quests like this, despite doing an absolutely enormous number of quests, as compared to a previous adventurer who had several of these quests lurking in his adventure log (and at least one pissed-off civilization). I don't know. I guess this one just got lucky?

Footkerchief (manager)
2012-03-06 20:47

Okay, we'll call it 0005064. If you encounter a similar problem in a 0.34.05+ save, you can reopen this report for it.

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