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0005572Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2012-03-07 13:172012-03-22 11:31
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Summary0005572: adventure mode vampirism still causes speed drop
Descriptionspeed for adventurer characters still decreases significantly (-200 or so) when you turn into a vampire despite the bug fix. note: this may not be true of all characters, but for any character with super+ agility and strength it's definitely true.
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related to 0005231resolvedToady One Drinking blood as vampire causes permanent speed loss 
related to 0005769new Adventure Mode speed loss bug on new character after gaining a few skills 

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Footkerchief (manager)
2012-03-07 13:40

Reminder sent to: kompressor

What version was the world generated in? If it was generated in 0.34.03+, please upload the save to [^] and post the link here.
kompressor (reporter)
2012-03-07 16:16

this has been true of saves from 0.34.03, 0.34.04, and 0.34.05

steps to reproduction
1. create a non elf demigod adventurer
2. set superior str/agility at creation
3. raise to super (or better) str/agility
4. drink vampire blood.

uploading a save.. will take a while.
kompressor (reporter)
2012-03-07 16:27 [^]
Footkerchief (manager)
2012-03-22 08:04

I tested the save and confirmed that the Superhumanly Agile vampire adventurer has a max speed of 1290 regardless of inventory, crutch-walking, and bloodthirstiness.
fmunoz (reporter)
2012-03-22 10:24

From my check Vampirism duplicates all your physical stats not only your Agility.
Double strength means also extra muscle mass and more mass is less speed.

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