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0005611Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2012-03-11 00:172012-03-23 05:01
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Summary0005611: Cities overwhelmingly build textile industry shops, almost never wood, stone, or metal-related shops
DescriptionTake a stroll down a major city, and check the shops. You'll notice that of the shops you see, easily 80% are going to be either clothing or cloth shops. Most of the rest are general stores, food, gem cutters, or bonecarvers.

Even disregarding the bug that makes armorsmiths not actually have armor to sell, shops that specialize in any form of metal at all are extremely rare, as are any sort of mason or stonecarver shop, and carpenters are only slightly less rare. And by "rare", I mean that all three combined make up only around 1% of the total shops. You are lucky to find even a single weaponsmith in the entire world, and there are only two or three (wood, maybe one metal) furniture shops in a max-sized city with hundreds of clothing stores.
Steps To ReproduceMake an adventurer, and travel to a large city.

Here are a pair of saves in cities with a large number of shops: [^] [^]
Additional InformationCombined with the fact that most stuff is free for the taking, anyway, (Bug Report 0005242 ) there is basically no reason for an adventurer to ever bother trading. The equipment you need isn't for sale, and the places that you can find that stuff, you can just take it for free, anyway.
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NW_Kohaku (reporter)
2012-03-11 00:30

By the way, this is related to 0005133, which is a more specific issue (but one more specifically related to adventurers).

Going into the few furniture shops I can find, the stone furniture shops have nothing in them, while the metal furniture shop had only a single gold dresser.

This seems to imply the root problem might be that the cities just plain fail to actually harvest the raw materials that they should be harvesting (and that the furniture that is in cities is not coming from a city stock).

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