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0005714Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Saving/Loadingpublic2012-03-26 14:362012-03-27 19:39
ReporterMr Frog 
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Product Version0.34.06 
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Summary0005714: When reloading DF mode save, game does not respect whether syndrome symptoms with a PROB of less than 100 are actually in effect
DescriptionI have modded in a regional interaction that applies a syndrome to creatures in the region. This syndrome has a wide range of effects, each with a low probability of occurring, so each case is unique. Notably, one of the symptom tags is [CE_ADD_TAG:PROB:3:CRAZED:START:0]. For those who don't speak modderese, this means that each affected creature has a 3% chance of going berserk.

Until I save and reload, play goes as expected. Each dwarf and animal gets a different combination of symptoms, with a small percentage of them going berserk.

However, after saving and reloading, every creature that was affected by the syndrome goes berserk, even if they hadn't been before reloading. Unaffected creatures are fine, at least until they get kicked to death by a berserk yak.

Based on this and another oddity I found with a different modded syndrome, I have reached the conclusion that the game does not care whether each individual symptom of a syndrome is 'active' on a creature when reloading and sets *all* of them as active, even if the PROB value of each symptom isn't 100.
Steps To ReproduceLoad the following save file: [^]

and let it run for a bit until a sizable portion of the dwarves and livestock are flashing a green '!' over a yellow background, indicating that they have contracted the region's syndrome. One or two of the affected may go berserk, but not all of them. Each of the affected creatures will have recieved different stat changes as a result of the syndrome having multiple CE_PHYS_ATT_CHANGE tags, each with a chance of activating.

Afterwards, save and reload. ALL of the syndrome's effects will be active on all of the affected creatures -- most notably CE_ADD_TAG:CRAZED -- regardless of whether they were affected by each symptom before saving.
Additional InformationThe syndrome in question has a very large amount of symptoms, each with a low probability of occurring; however, I believe that I have previously observed this behaviour with another modded syndrome with only three symptoms, so I do not think that this is a factor.
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Mr Frog (reporter)
2012-03-26 14:38

Slight typo; "even if the PROB value of each syndrome isn't 100" should be "even if the PROB value of each |symptom| isn't 100"
Talvieno (reporter)
2012-03-27 16:31

I can confirm that this exists as stated - I saw it happen myself.

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