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0006716Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-07-08 14:272014-08-11 06:22
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Product Version0.40.01 
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Summary0006716: Swimming at minimal speeds trains swimming the most
DescriptionSwimming at the "Creeping Swim" speed gives around 2-9 experience per step, while swimming at the "Maximum Swim Speed" speed gives you <1-2 experience per step.

Which is rather backwards when you consider that swimming ~really fast~ puts a lot of stress on your ability to swim, unlike casually floating around - and yet the more casual way of swimming gives far more experience.
Steps To ReproduceGet into a lake.
Press S
Select "Creeping Swim"
Take a step
Watch as your swimming experience goes up by 3-8
Press S
Select "Maximum Swim Speed"
Swim until you hit the maximum speed
Take a look at your swimming experience
Take a step
Your swimming experience should now be raised by about 1, if not less.

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related to 0007839assignedFootkerchief Treading water raises Swimming to Legendary without commensurate attribute gain 
has duplicate 0008780resolvedLoci swim gain per tile reduced at higher speeds 

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realfear (reporter)
2014-07-08 15:20
edited on: 2014-07-08 15:21

Ill note that your swimming for much longer with slow swimming then fast for a single tile.
Time maybe the factor giving the XP, not the effort.

Bloax (reporter)
2014-07-08 18:09

Hm, I thought I posted a reply. Oh well.

Yes, the time is indeed what defines how much experience you gain - since the experience gain decreases as your swimming skill (and thus swimming speed) increases.

The solution needed here is giving the different speeds different multipliers for the experience gained. (The slower speeds decreasing it, the higher ones increasing it substantially.)

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