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0006819Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2014-07-09 06:192015-01-06 08:49
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.40.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006819: Caravan wagons try to path through 7/7 water
DescriptionI dug a 2-square wide moat around my fortress, and filled it with water. When the autaum caravan arrived, instead of going around the moat and over the bridge i built, as it would in earlier versions, it would go straight through the moat. On the way out, the wagons attempted to pass through the moat again, but got stuck just after entering it. They sat there for a while, until finally they repathfounded and went towards the bridge, but took a sharp turn and got stuck in the moat again. After which I just raised the bridge with them stuck on top, gobbling up all the candy inside of the dwarven piƱatas..
Steps To ReproduceBuild a 2-square wide/1-square deep moat around a trade depot, with or without a lowered bridge. Fill with water, and wait for the caravan.
Additional InformationCaravan guards and and the smaller donkey-caravans (I don't know what they are officially called) seem to go straight through the water as well, whether they had the swimming skill or not was unknown.
On a side note, while the wagons were stuck on the bridge, the guards just sat in the moat, until a Weredeer lay seige to the fortress, approaching the guards sitting in the moat. An epic battle ensued underwater.
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-  Notes
AxDeath (reporter)
2014-07-15 09:26

I think this is related to 0006903, mildly scared dwarves constantly leap to their deaths.
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-07-15 09:57

I can second that this occurs. I dug a moat too.
musicmastermsh (reporter)
2014-08-13 10:26
edited on: 2014-08-13 10:38


What I've seen of this is wagons behaving normally (or they're just blocked by trees, who knows) while the mule or donkeyback portions of the caravan go for a swim. In a natural river next to a bridge, in my case, but this seems to be the same thing.

Outpost liason exhibits the same behavior.

Footkerchief (manager)
2014-08-13 12:21

Please upload a save that demonstrates the problem to [^] and post the link here.
musicmastermsh (reporter)
2014-08-18 11:42

I had a savepoint right before a liason went for a swim - upon closer inspection, he was running in fear from a vulture flying overhead when he jumped into the water. A second time around from that same save, he pathed differently and avoided the river. The same vulture then scared him all over the map for about five minutes (several separate sequential cases of losing his mind and running, then regaining control and trying to path off the map) before he finally made it to the edge of the map.
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-18 12:01

On my save there was no running in fear, they simply pathed directly through the water. It's fairly easy to replicate and I may do it later - you just don't give the caravan an alternate path. In my save the moat was only a single tile across, and that may be part of it.

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