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0007009Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-07-10 19:532015-12-22 17:47
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Product Version0.40.02 
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Summary0007009: Important slowdown near a goblin site
DescriptionI uploaded the saved game on that dropbox page (don't right click -> Save As, it is not a direct link) [^]

The character previously infiltrated (stealth) a goblin big site and moved into a tower , in there he killed many of the goblins present, creating panic with several of them running away.

At the top of that tower, at some point i noticed an undead appearing out of nowhere, i decided to go down, the undead didn't followed apparently.
Once i reached the bottom of the tower, as i was still in stealth movement, i noticed several large sight range, like the one produced by undead.

I looked with L on several Z level up and noticed on top of the bottom several undead, it seems it was all the goblin i killed that were raised by something/someone.

And from there an intense slowdown started, i moved (extremely slowly due to the important slowndown) north-northwest for a while trying to see if making some distance between me and that tower would lower the lag but it didn't.

At the point of the saved game, the tower i came out from should be located on the character own south east
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related to 0007154resolvedToady One Maxed-out animal populations cause lag in dwarf/goblin sites 
related to 0007526confirmedDwarfu Dark towers contain thousands of goblins and trolls, causing lag 
has duplicate 0009395resolvedDwarfu Moving around near populated dark towers causes extreme slow down and crashing 

-  Notes
Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-10 19:57

forgot to mention, the game went back to an acceptable level of responsivity once i managed to move rather far northwest from the tower (while doing so i moved near another similar tower, without undead as the goblins were still alive in it), so definitively linked to what was going on in that specific tower.
Detros (manager)
2015-12-06 08:38

Similar to 0009177, "FPS death when approaching dark tower in adv mode" so why not also close this as a duplicate of 0007526, "Dark towers contain thousands of goblins and trolls, causing lag"?
Dwarfu (manager)
2015-12-22 17:47

Save from 0009395: [^]

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