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0007274Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2014-07-14 06:542014-08-04 06:34
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PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Product Version0.40.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007274: Woodcutter stuck in place trying to "Fell Tree"
DescriptionI designated one "bayberry tree" to be cut down, my woodcutter dwarf got stuck in place. If I 'v'iew him it says his job is "Fell Tree". There is no tree around him. If I cancel the designation he will stay stuck in place with the same job "Fell Tree". He is already drowsy and thirsty and i cannot get him to move.
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Tags0.40.05, designation, Fortress Mode, Save Included, stuck, tree, woodcutting
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related to 0007825resolvedToady One Miner frozen on "dig channel" job 
related to 0007876resolvedToady One Dwarves do not go around constructed walls that were built in their path 

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King55 (reporter)
2014-07-14 07:11

Sorry, forgot to add that i am in a windows 7 PC
King55 (reporter)
2014-07-14 16:13

I found out the dwarf was trying to cut a pecan tree in another z level, instead of the bayberry one. If i cancel the designation on this one he comes back to normal, however I believe it wasn't intended behavior for the dwarf to stop moving until i canceled the designation.
Snake1771 (reporter)
2014-07-27 17:56

I would like to add to this.
Had a woodcutter stuck on "fell tree" the tree in question i believe was destroyed by my miners. Woodcutter ignored his own thirst and hunger completely. However. after reading this bug report i tried removing all designations and it brought him out of living statue mode.
Roomghost (reporter)
2014-07-27 19:34

Also experienced this
Kanddak (reporter)
2014-07-28 14:11

Can confirm still present in 0.40.05, on a Mac. I have twice found woodcutters frozen with "fell tree" jobs, getting hungry and thirsty. Both times, the dwarf was found in a strange location he'd normally have no reason to go to.
Here is a save file: [^]
lethosor (manager)
2014-08-03 20:25

Was the dwarf's path blocked by anything (e.g. a bridge)? If so, this may be 0006842.
Kanddak (reporter)
2014-08-04 06:34

I don't think so but can't rule it out completely; there was some ongoing construction in my case, but I don't think any of it was along a traffic route that the woodcutter might have planned to take.

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