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0007361Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-07-15 18:562018-04-16 17:16
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PlatformWindows 8OSOS Version
Product Version0.40.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007361: Ambushed by a naked, non-hostile bandit leader
DescriptionShortly after I killed a necromancer ambush, I got ambushed by a naked 'ringleader' who wasn't hostile to me

Initially I thought maybe she was a werebeast, but after I checked legends, I found that she barely has anything in legends, just born to unknown parents, became ringleader of something and moved to the towm.

Theres actually two bugs here, one definite bug (her being buck naked) and a possible one since she didn't attack and wasn't hostile or anything, just continued along.

I tried searching and there wasn't anything relating to the ambusher being naked. [^]
Steps To ReproduceTotally and utterly random.
Additional InformationUsing Maydays graphics set, but no raw changes, vanilla with graphics really.
Tags0.40.03, ambush, naked
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related to 0006717new Ambushed by a neutral vampire 
has duplicate 0008251resolvedFootkerchief Ambushed by a mute and naked 'expedition leader' 

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cephalo (reporter)
2014-08-08 12:45

Did you check legends after encountering this naked person, or are the legends from your initial save? Naked always signals werebeast to me. Could she have been on the verge of becoming a werebeast when you started play?
smjjames (reporter)
2014-08-08 13:26

It wasn't an initial save and I've also seen vampires who are naked for some reason.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-12-27 19:42

More saves at 0008251.
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2018-04-16 17:16

Is it possible that 0008779 is related to this issue?

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2014-07-15 18:56 smjjames New Issue
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2014-07-15 18:56 smjjames Tag Attached: naked
2014-07-15 19:03 smjjames Tag Attached: 0.40.03
2014-08-08 12:22 Footkerchief Relationship added related to 0006717
2014-08-08 12:45 cephalo Note Added: 0028603
2014-08-08 13:26 smjjames Note Added: 0028609
2014-12-27 19:41 Footkerchief Summary Ambushed by an (apparently) buck naked 'ringleader' => Ambushed by a naked, non-hostile bandit leader
2014-12-27 19:42 Footkerchief Relationship added has duplicate 0008251
2014-12-27 19:42 Footkerchief Note Added: 0031530
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