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0007522Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-07-20 15:552014-07-22 10:39
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Product Version0.40.04 
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Summary0007522: a dwarf fortress made of as much dwarves as there are goblins
DescriptionMy first generated pocket world of 0.40.04 with +/- 50 years of history.
I decided to start with a Dwarf adventurer on this new version and new world.

I spawned inside a fortress named Koganokun or "Boatshrine".
Walking around a bit was a bit slower than i expected considering the pocket world and only 50 years and the 40.04 population bug fixed, and then i saw something that may have explained that, a big room with lots of dwarves and lots of goblins

Dwarves and goblins not fighting, just being there, without talking.
I uploaded the save at that point here : [^]

I then moved to another room with several dwarves and goblins, still no fighting but those were talking a lot.

I managed to find my way up to the surface and ran into a Trade Depot with several dwarves and goblins, again not fighting but talking a lot.
At that point i decided to retire my character and load the legends xml into World Viewer utility, and it told me that at this fortress there were
102 dwarves
115 goblins
a bunch of animals.

As i see no reason to have so many dwarves and goblins (i doubt it was a goblin merchant caravan as it's a very lot of troop for merchants) on the same fortress, especially with as much goblins as there are dwarves, i imagine there was probably a war that failed to trigger there with the relationship/emotion bugged system (as there's no war in the legends taking place at Boatshrine).

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Button (reporter)
2014-07-21 08:20

Off the top of my head, here are a couple potential causes for this:

1. The dwarven civ took over a goblin site at some point in worldgen, and a significant goblin population immigrated to this fortress.
2. A goblin refugee group settled at the fortress after fleeing from something that destroyed their home. (Goblins like dwarven sites almost as much as they like their own.)

Can you do a more thorough Legends crawl for the fortress in question, and follow up on the histories of some of its first goblin immigrants?
Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-22 10:39

Of the saved game i uploaded, there are several goblins amongst the dwarves in that big room, i gave a look to some goblins name of the lots that were here, i noted them down :

Olngo Stasostsaslu, "Olngo Tickdented"
Stozu Ostoburar, "Stozu Deviousmaligns"
Aslot Taxasmamxu, "Aslot Emeraldseduces"
Ngom Gozrunerom, "Ngom Hellmobs"
Zolak Smunstuspen, "Zolak Liestigman"

I retired my character on site and looked at the legend, searching for those name.
And to my surprise, while there are a very lot of goblins listed, none of specific named goblins appear in the figure lists.
How is that possible ?

Additionally, i looked in the Legends into the history of the fort itself ( Boatshrine ) on that long list of attack by forgotten beast and night creatures there are only 4 entries involving a goblin, each time it is an abduction of a dwarf.

I looked then at the civ that founded that fortress, the "Superior Razors" and they had a long list of battle with forgotten beast, night creatures and yetis, but at no point there's a war vs a goblin entity, in the history of that civ there's not a single entry about goblins.

So i'm at a loss then.

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