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0007553Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-07-21 18:402014-08-10 07:26
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
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Product Version0.40.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007553: Adv Mode lag that increases with sleep/retirement
Descriptionnew pocket world, 20 years of history.
Started a dwarf adventurer (no human or elf choice so i assume they're destroyed in that world, only dwarf or outsider)

Spawned in a fortress.
Explored the 2 floors of it and noticed it is a bugged one, the save is uploaded : [^]

- no exit and no stairs to any other floors (assuming any other than those 2 exists)
- there is none inside of that fortress
- it's running very slow despite there's none
- it's impossible to Travel out of it

And it's not finished, performance will actually degrade much more after doing the following :
-> at the point of my saved game, go to sleep on the bed in the room to my south, press Z , then s to sleep and set it up so i would sleep 24 hours.
-> When you wake up you're in "unconscious" status, wait until it wear off and you're "stunned" and drink 3 times water
-> Stand up
-> the whole 2 floors of the fortress are now unknown, try to go to where the stairs were, notice how much more slower the game is now (nearly 1 turn each 7 or 8 seconds)
-> recovering from the "stunned" while on the way will not change this increased lag
-> once you're not stunned anymore and have noticed how barely playable it is, retire as there's no more point

Now the bugged fort has one more, go to adventure mode and unretire that adventurer
He will spawn again in the bugged fortress
-> once the adventurer is loaded, try to move.
You just can't do that anymore, the game is just stuck, i had to kill the process.
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has duplicate 0007748resolvedFootkerchief Visiting retired player fort and sleeping many times causes catastrophic lag, possibly related to wagons 
child of 0006623confirmedFootkerchief Game freezes after each move 

-  Notes
lethosor (manager)
2014-07-21 18:44

This may be the same as 0006623 (overpopulation), although it's difficult to diagnose without being able to see the rest of the site. The lack of an exit sounds like 0006541.
Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-21 18:47

World Viewer tells me that in there should be :
79 dwarves
144 goblins ( ? )
10 dogs
10 cats
10 mules
2 donkeys
2 horses
2 cows
2 sheeps
3 pigs
8 goats
2 chickens
8 cavies
2 ducks
2 water buffalos
2 reindeers
2 geeses
2 yaks
2 llamas
6 alpacas
2 guineaflows
8 peaflows
2 turkeys
2 rabbits

(looks like the site caps seems to do nothing as it's a pocket world with 20 years of history , population should be much lower)
Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-21 18:47

I think this one is a mix of several bugs indeed
Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-21 18:54
edited on: 2014-07-21 18:56

Looking more on the world viewer, i noticed a cave with
2 giant rats
2 trolls
449 bats
426 cave spiders
354 cave swallows

and several other caves like this one in term of population, the 2 goblins site have more than 400 people in each, a huge number despite the population cap pocket world should have.

So i think the overpopulation bug is back , and the site population cap may be then completely or partially ignored then as a pocket world has a rather low cap for site pop by default, shouldn't be anywhere close to those kind of population number.
This may play a role too in this bug (as the population of that fortress despite being nowhere to be seen is rather huge too)

Footkerchief (manager)
2014-07-21 21:59
edited on: 2014-07-21 22:00

Please edit your comments instead of posting multiple comments in a row.

Populations of a few hundred are totally reasonable and shouldn't cause the game to freeze, in and of themselves. The overpopulation bug (0006804) had populations in the tens of millions -- no comparison.

Being stunned after sleep is normal.

Fortresses with no exit are covered at 0006541.

I suspect the growing lag is from 0007206.

Robsoie (reporter)
2014-07-22 09:49

Sorry on the multiple comments.

An update that i think is interesting :
I generated another pocket world with only 10 years of history, i edited the pocket world setting so there would be more civs, more sites and lower total pop cap, all of this in order to have much less populations inside of sites and test if indeed that was the source of the heavy lag.

And my dwarf adventurer started in a fortress as expected but what i didn't was that the level of lag was unplayable, even worse than the previously reported fortress and world.

I then retired the character on site, too much lag to even explore, i loaded the legends xml in World Viewer and discovered that this fortress had a population of :
15 dwarves
and ... nothing more !

Now that's strange, it's not possible 15 AI would lag the game that much ?

Then i un-retired my character as i didn't tested if i could even Travel out of it, (in the save it's "Domas Tobulisos from Tosteshtan" ), and suddenly it's completely smooth, very high performance .

I don't understand how it's possible, but something certainly happened during the "world update" after un-retiring, because before it , the place was completely unplayable.

Here is the saved game from before un-retiring : [^]

But something else that is strange is that after unretiring, as i could move without lag, i explored the fort a bit and ran into a goblin that told me "long live the cause"
Hmm, there was no goblin and only a total of 15 dwarves before.
I wonder if this goblin intrusion that has happened during the world update has done something to the actual source of lag
Mopsy (reporter)
2014-07-22 10:05
edited on: 2014-08-05 04:44

I encountered a similar problem in my latest 40.04 game. When I first arrived at the NPC-built dwarf fortress, a dozen or so people were asleep in the trade depot and the lag was unremarkable. When I came back in the morning, only a handful of people were in the depot (still asleep), but each move took several seconds. When I traveled away briefly, then returned to the fortress and left fast travel, the game was completely unresponsive. I never saw any animals.

Edit: I visited the same fort again and this time I did find the population, including a pile of cats waiting at a closed door. It turned out that they were all staying further underground, below the connection to the tunnel through the cavern. The lag problem was still the same. Issue 0007821 (which has an attached save) is probably related to this one.

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