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0007782Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-08-01 13:162015-01-06 16:19
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version0.40.05 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.40.24 
Summary0007782: Frozen in time; no way to re-enter time continuum
DescriptionYes, the title is correct. I am suspended in time, with no way to re-enter the time continuum. No, I am not unconscious. I am fully aware of *everything* going on around me, but I cannot move... only watch.

Steps To ReproduceI don't know. The game is still going even as I type this, but I have no way to save. This may wind up being one of those reports that sits there until someone finds something related.
Additional InformationI was playing a modded race (Scythods). I ran around killing things, invaded a town, killed the lady there on a whim and set myself up as lady. That was fun. So I went to the next town and pulverized a group of goblins. I'm the last survivor of my race - all that were left in my tiny hometown besides me were goblins.

Finally I decide to take a nap outside a mead hall of a town I'd just ran through... I woke up in the middle of the night and found a dozen bogeymen sitting there. No, not attacking, just sitting there... staring at me. It was creepy. Really creepy. So, after watching them for a bit, I fiddle with my combat preferences to try to set myself up to attack them - you know, always charge, stand ground, dodge, etc. - and I head up to the first one. After I start attacking him, he starts attacking me back - but I'm a scythod. I'm an eyeless beast coated in a thick armored chitin. He bruises me here and there, but I'm fine otherwise, and after a few quick stabs, he's dead. But that's it. None of the others so much as bat an eye, only staring blankly, as if I'm so far below them I don't even merit their concern. Out of spite, I head up to the next one and charge, knocking him end over end with every swipe until I stab him to death as well... and then the third.

But a weird thing happen with the third. He starts running away from me. I chase him down and finish the last few stabs in a hurry, wondering what this'll do to my kill list...

And then everything freezes. Not a key works - I tried every single one on the keyboard, in addition to the standard movement/escape/wait keys... I'm watching, and then I see the sun come up slowly. That's when I realize that the game hasn't frozen, and I start watching... After a while, I see peasants rushing by - speeding by, really - going on with their day to day lives. If any of them take notice of me, I can't tell - I'm frozen in time. Flowers spring up, wilt, and fade away... It goes through the transition from night to day, to night again... Every few nights bogeymen appear in a circle around me, watching silently over what was apparently their handiwork.

I'm at the red/pink flashing "Sleep!" and the bright yellow "hungry" at the moment. I don't seem to be capable of dying. I'm fairly sure that if I waited long enough, I'd see summer come around, and then winter. DF is still grinding away at one of my cores. I'm stuck here permanently, like a living stone statue... I've long since lost hope that someone will come over and kill me. I had a group of what looked like bandits come over, but the bogeymen attacked them and they apparently fled... and the bogeymen soon returned, ringing me and watching.

If I might venture a guess, I think I somehow managed to get myself hit with a dose of the "unconscious" code, and it's acting like it would if I was unconscious, even though I am most definitely fully conscious. (I've checked a few different times.) It doesn't seem possible for me to die, and it's very definitely not possible for me to get a save. My sprint speed is at 2/3 of what it normally is (I was sprinting when it happened, and my sprint speed is gradually falling - interestingly, I'm not getting tired at all). I was hoping I'd die or fall asleep, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
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parent of 0007838resolvedToady One Arena-created creatures in open space above tree trunks cause DF to hang after assuming control 
has duplicate 0008463resolvedKnight Otu Game stopped after fight with bogeyman 
related to 0007998confirmedFootkerchief Area above mushroom "walls" classified as open space, dropping onto it causes you to fall forever then crash 

-  Notes
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-01 13:24
edited on: 2014-08-01 13:30

If it makes this ridiculous story any more credible: [^] [^]

edit: Oh, and the armor is xnaked mole dog leather dressx. It's damaged from how long I've been sitting there, apparently.

smjjames (reporter)
2014-08-01 13:45

Is there anything in the errorlog that could give a clue?
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-01 14:35
edited on: 2014-08-01 14:36

Yeah, a spam of

Human Farmer: site walker could not find walkable area

for about three or four megabytes' worth of text.

It's still going but I think I'm just going to close it. There's no way it'll ever end.

torrenal (reporter)
2014-08-01 23:05

Were you starting a fresh attack when the bogeyman bled to death?
eg: Could you be waiting to finish the attack, but failing for lack of a target?
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-02 04:44

It's possible. It's very possible, but I don't know. I just know I didn't think he was dead yet.
Borschwanger (reporter)
2014-08-05 02:44
edited on: 2014-08-05 04:13

Just happened to me. I eventually died of thirst. Only mod is Phoebus graphics via the starter pack. I was also in a fight when it happened, and it is likely the target died from bloodloss and is in my kill list. The 3000 lines of text in [a] are completely full of my companions talking to each other along with a few notifications for sunrise, set, noon, etc. A Brute of Twilight showed up at some point and killed one of my companions, and that rounds out the rest of my [a]nnouncements. I tried to get a fraps recording going but had no luck even getting the fps counter to show up. After I get into legends I can find out a little more but I was hoping to record scrolling through but even with control back fraps is being useless.

Empty announcement 130
path fail: cave blob,22,104,19 -> 14,109,21: Id #17058:Path Goal Flee Terrain:Station None at 22,104,19
path fail: carp,143,102,139 -> 136,120,139: Id #20281:Path Goal Flee Terrain:Station None at 141,102,139
path fail: carp,143,99,139 -> 135,122,139: Id #20278:Path Goal Flee Terrain:Station None at 140,102,139
path fail: carp,143,99,139 -> 134,122,139: Id #20279:Path Goal Flee Terrain:Station None at 141,103,139

The entirety of my error log.

*Says I mortally wounded and it bled to death. Not sure if all bleedouts are preceded by 'mortal wounds' or not but I don't recall anything specific like stabbing the heart, just an accumulation of damage. I have had things bleed to death before my attack could land in the past, too, so I am not sure what was different this time. I also am leaning towards it bleeding out after the weird lockout.

**Okay so I found the gamelog and made a copy of the text if it is useful. I may have had an attack queued but I actually jumped away from its last attack and ended up out of range.

The Lumbering Hag strikes at You but the shot is blocked!
You slash The Lumbering Hag in the left hand from behind with your steel short sword and the severed part sails off in an arc!
The Lumbering Hag attacks You but You jump away!
Lumbering Hag has bled to death.

Also, I found out in that battle I auto-parried even though my weapon was embedded...

Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-05 04:51

Interesting... I was playing a modded creature, as I mentioned before, and I couldn't die of thirst. Dying of hunger didn't seem to be an option, as much as I wished it.

Perhaps it has something to do specifically with the fact that the creature bled to death while we were trying to attack?
lethosor (manager)
2014-08-05 06:06

From some research with 0007838, it appears that it is possible to die of thirst eventually, allowing control to be resumed in the arena.
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-05 06:44

I suppose modding out thirst for my creature made it impossible to die. I wonder what the connection with 7838 is, exactly...
lethosor (manager)
2014-09-27 14:08

Rumrusher has experienced this in 0.40.12 when blocking an attack, and was able to resume control following a nearby corpse explosion.
smjjames (reporter)
2014-09-27 15:01

I actually had this for a brief time (few in-world hours) when I was attacking something that was about to die (I believe) and I regained control when a crossbowman tried to melee me I believe.
smjjames (reporter)
2014-10-15 07:45
edited on: 2014-10-15 07:49

Just reproduced this exact bug out of nowhere when I was fighting wolves.

This is the last bit of the gamelog:
You hack The Wolf in the left rear leg with your steel battle axe and the severed part sails off in an arc!
The Wolf misses You!
The Wolf misses You!
The Wolf misses You!
You strike The Wolf in the right eye with your steel shield and the injured part is crushed!
The Wolf misses You!
You hack The Wolf in the head with your steel battle axe and the severed part sails off in an arc!
The Wolf has been struck down.
The Wolf misses You!
You maintain possession of the steel short sword.
The Wolf misses You!
The Wolf has bled to death. (after this, I left the time continuum).

As of this typing, a few ingame days have passed and I'm flashing purple dehydrated, really hungry, and very drowsy. I got lucky last time when someone tried to attack me, but this time I'm going to die of dehydration, if I even CAN die.

Also, this is while playing a vanilla dwarf, no modifications to it. v 40.13

Edit: Yeah, died of thirst.

smjjames (reporter)
2014-11-11 11:42


The Dusk Ogre Wrestler shakes The Human Lasher around by the upper body, tearing apart the upper body's fat!
The Human Lasher gives in to pain.
The Human Lasher falls over.
The Dusk Ogre Wrestler shakes The Human Lasher around by the upper body, tearing apart the upper body's fat!
You pull on the embedded steel battle axe.
You gain possession of the steel battle axe.
The Dusk Ogre Wrestler shakes The Human Lasher around by the upper body, tearing apart the upper body's fat!
You bite The Dusk Ogre Wrestler in the right upper arm from the side, tearing the muscle and bruising the bone!
You latch on firmly!
The Dusk Ogre Wrestler shakes The Human Lasher around by the upper body, tearing apart the upper body's fat!
The Dusk Ogre Wrestler misses You!
The Dusk Ogre Wrestler breaks the grip of Your upper front teeth on The Dusk Ogre Wrestler's right upper arm.
(I was pressing the directional arrow against the night creature, so I was autoattacking, I think here is where I was about to make an attack)
Dusk Ogre Wrestler has bled to death.

After that, I left the time continuum. I did go dehydrated but I seemed to be there for a rather long time, so I used taskmanager to end the proccess.

I wonder why nobody else is reporting this one? Despite its rarity, it's bound to happen to some people.
Ziusudra (reporter)
2014-11-30 00:52
edited on: 2014-11-30 01:03

40.19 Edit: Oops, actually 40.18

You hack The Twilight Woman in the right foot with your *crescent crashing metal great axe*, tearing apart the fat!
The Twilight Woman strikes at You but the shot is blocked with the *curved crashing metal shield*!
The Twilight Woman attacks You but You jump away!
(here I used shift+a to block her bite)
Twilight Woman has bled to death.
You have succumbed to infection.

The announcement of her death did not happen until I died.

I assume the infection was from old wounds; broken cartilage and a smashed toe.

Toady One (administrator)
2015-01-06 16:19

I've fixed a few causes of this. It's one of those cases where there could very well be another cause, so feel free to re-report if it happens in 0.40.24+.

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