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0008055Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2014-08-17 11:582014-08-18 07:08
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PlatformWindowsOS7OS Versionw7 sp1
Product Version0.40.08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008055: Corpses of dwarves and fortress animals can be discovered by the invaders who killed them
DescriptionDuring an invasion (by dwarves? Im not at war with them)
I locked myself inside because i was nowhere ready to fight them.

Even though all dwarves were inside my animals - who were pastured outside - were immediately spotted as dead.


On the same map: a werebeast shows up and kills dwarves - no-one is near to see it but it gets spotted immediately as well.
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related to 0005110confirmedFootkerchief Dwarfs put corpses in corpse stockpile even though they're "missing" and haven't been found yet. 

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Kirkegaard (reporter)
2014-08-17 12:35

Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-17 12:49

There is someone to see it: for some reason enemies are able to spot dead creatures. I was just about to submit a similar report. Even wild animals are able to spot dead dwarves/animals now.

One of my miners accidentally dug himself a watery grave up on the surface while I was constructing a moat. He remained "missing" until a goblin walked past his corpse a few years later.

I'd like to suggest the report's summary be changed... but I suppose my word needs confirmed as well.
Burakin (reporter)
2014-08-17 14:04

There is a logic to your suggestion - I both cases they were murdered by adjacent enemies - so they would see.

however, I cannot confirm your obervation - I tried getting a dwarf to jump of a cliff alone (so there would be no enemy to see him either) - but i havent managed that.

guess this one needs toad (or someone better at manipulating dwarves)

Maybe someone can try a drowning room (im outa time for now)
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-17 14:44

Burakin - pretty much what I was suggesting. Enemies spot dead creatures the way only dwarves are supposed to.

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2014-08-18 07:08 Footkerchief Summary Dwarf and animals immediately found dead - even though no-ones is there to see it. => Corpses of dwarves and fortress animals can be discovered by the invaders who killed them
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