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0008072Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2014-08-18 14:172016-05-12 15:56
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.43.03 
Summary0008072: No bee colonies in temperate biomes (only in warm/hot)
DescriptionI play a lot embark and I never seen anything colony
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related to 0005685resolvedToady One Mountain regions contain no insect colonies regardless of actual biome 

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Footkerchief (manager)
2014-08-18 14:28

Does 0005685 explain it?
ChamyZurka (reporter)
2014-08-18 23:57
edited on: 2014-08-18 23:58

I embark in
1-Temperate savanna, temperature: Temperate I found 0 colony.
2-Temperate freshwater Marsh, Temperature: Warm I found 3 colonies.
3-Tropical Shrubland, Temperature: Hot I found 5 colonies (2 honney bee)
4-Temperate Grassland, Temperature: Temperate I found 0 colony

So for me, if the temperature is temperate there are any colonies.

Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-19 08:47

Can anyone confirm this? I'm fairly sure I've never seen it myself...
Knight Otu (manager)
2014-08-19 09:03

It may take some time for colonies to develop, but I've yet to see embarks without colonies after some in-game weeks.
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-19 09:22

Agreed. ChamyZurka, could you provide a save with the problem?
Khym Chanur (reporter)
2014-08-19 12:07

Here's an example save: [^]


* Not near any mountains (that is, not 0005685).
* Late spring.
* 2x2 embark in a temperate forest.
* Modded dwarves to be [NO_EAT][NO_SLEEP][NO_DRINK].
* Near an ocean, and right next to an elven settlement.
* Have done absolutely nothing except create a crafts workshop, make a colony, and then repeatedly install/remove it.
ChamyZurka (reporter)
2014-08-21 01:26
edited on: 2014-08-22 23:47 [^]

A 125 years old world size Small
3x3 Embark in Temperate Conifer Forest
Temperature: Temperate
I'm make ans install five hive and wait late spring

Canisaur (reporter)
2014-09-16 13:40

I'm seeing this issue too. I couldn't find any honey bees in temperate biomes, and I saw this bug, so I did some testing. Embarks are either 1 or 2 biomes. [^]

To summarize, I genned a new world with PlayNow!, did 12 5x5 embarks across the temperature scale, and found zero colonies of any type unless the embark was ENTIRELY in a Warm or Hot biome.

I'm using version 40.10 with DFHack (to use the 'colonies' command for detection), so this isn't perfect bug report data, but hopefully it helps.
Dwarfu (manager)
2015-05-19 06:22

This appears to be a crowding out issue. I embarked on a 2x2 flat piece of land that did not contain a river or brook, in a temperate conifer forest with temperate temperature. In addition to other vermin I rarely see, I AM getting honey bees. The lean towards crowding is that this game is modded and all the vermin birds were deleted as well as bumble bees. It SEEMS they are only spawning in open space (not under a tree canopy) - every colony I checked had direct access to the sky.
verdantsf (reporter)
2015-06-30 01:11
edited on: 2015-06-30 21:00

Dwarfu might be on to something. After countless searches, I finally have honey bees in a temperate conifer forest with temperate climate. The only difference from previous searches is that the area doesn't have a brook, stream, or river.

Regarding the tree canopy effect, I happened to find a colony under a tree.

Dwarfu (manager)
2015-12-26 17:04

42.04, I have bees in a temperate biome, again in a conifer forest 2x2 flat embark without a river/stream/brook. Same mods as before, with a vastly reduced creature variation. Sky thing was a fluke of that previous embark, as I see some now under a tree. Still leaning towards a crowding effect.
Dame de la Licorne (reporter)
2016-05-10 11:52
edited on: 2016-05-10 15:33

Using 0.42.06 (on OSX El Capitan), I genned 4 different medium-sized worlds, and embarked 20+ times using my "test" setup (which includes a hive and beekeeper, among other things). In all of those tests, I only found colonies (ants/termites/bees) in shrubland/grassland/savanna areas. The only colonies I found in forest (broadleaf/conifer) biomes were on mixed embarks with at least one tile of shrubland/grassland/savanna.

I didn't test deserts or scorching areas.

Note: I had removed ticks/mosquitoes/lice from the raws, and modded in some more surface vermin spiders and underground flora, but I don't know how much (if any) of an effect that would have, since none of the changes affect colony-forming vermin.

The post/thread here has a bit more information from other folks: [^]

Toady One (administrator)
2016-05-12 15:56

I set up various logs, and from what I could tell, this was all due to freezing winter temperatures. I made soil/soil colony creatures ignore those if they can handle the average subterranean temperature, and that was enough to get bee colonies in temperate forests.

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