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0008137Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2014-08-24 08:322014-11-06 14:11
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64-bit Premium
Product Version0.40.08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008137: Cartilage lacks HEALING_RATE; noses and ears bleed forever and don't get treated
DescriptionStationed soldiers will randomly die without a combat report. No infectious fluids around, haven't been stationed long enough to die of starvation or thirst. No dangerous terrain or traps. No lingering injuries. They just drop dead without any apparent cause.
Steps To ReproduceTrain & equip several full squads of dwarves, station them somewhere using the squad command menu, watch them randomly die.
Additional InformationLink to save: [^]

Three squads of dwarves are stationed in the caverns. A few in-game days after unpausing, several dwarves will die for no apparent reason. As you can see from the empty spots in the squad roster, several dwarves have already died in the same way.
TagsProbable Quick Fix
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has duplicate 0008521resolvedFootkerchief Broken noses are ignored and bleed out 
related to 0007503new Medical dwarves don't prioritize stanching blood flow 
related to 0007629new Nail/claw/horn - tissue have no [HEALING_RATE] token 

-  Notes
BenLubar (reporter)
2014-08-24 08:37

Have you tried engraving slabs for them to see what the game thinks killed them?
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-24 09:20

I've had this happen too, and I did try engraving slabs - it said they died peacefully. I'm guessing from old age.
Calathar (reporter)
2014-08-24 09:52
edited on: 2014-08-24 10:00

About half of your military dwarves have broken ears and/or nose (not sure why). The dwarves that die are pale from lack of blood. This could be a bug for dwarves not resting when pale, or that dwarves still die from loss of blood when not bleeding, but they didn't die randomly.

The forgotten beast roaming the caverns has a taste for warm blood. Wiki says, "Hunger for warm blood: When the creature stabs the opponent, some blood will be drawn. Not dangerous." Did your dwarves already fight Dusak the forgotten beast? That would explain the pale dwarves.

Crowmower (reporter)
2014-08-24 11:34

No, they haven't encountered the forgotten beast yet, or any other enemies that I can recall. I sent them down there to fight it, but he hasn't come near. Slabs for the seven dwarves which died all say "succumbed to infection".

All of them dying nearly at the same time suggests a common cause. I guess it's possible that it's related to military dwarves not resting when injured, but I don't recall any event that could have caused all seven of them to have received minor injuries all at the same time.
thvaz (reporter)
2014-08-24 11:45

It looks like the effects of a syndrome.
Loci (manager)
2014-08-24 12:18
edited on: 2014-08-24 12:29


It's probably your danger room. The stacks of loose teeth indicate that your troops were poorly equipped for training. Lack of appropriate armor can and will lead to extremity injuries, and injuries to extremities generally aren't treated or healed well. This leads to infection, and eventually, death. Your troops probably spent a considerable amount of time "training" in the danger room.

Your swim-training chamber may cause problems as well. Dropping dwarves onto solid rock repeatedly also tends to cause injury to extremities (assuming the dwarves don't land on their heads and die instantly). You can floor the swimming chamber with wood to reduce the number of injuries, use an alternate design that doesn't involve dropping dwarves into water, or just not train swimming.

Crowmower (reporter)
2014-08-24 12:20

The swim-training chamber doesn't work very well (poor design on my part) and I haven't used it on this batch of soldiers.
Mopsy (reporter)
2014-08-24 12:23

Alternatively, it might be an instance of 0007924 (aka 0007503).
Crowmower (reporter)
2014-08-24 16:03

Ok, I can see that the danger room may have been the cause of the initial minor injuries, as they did train in there for a month before I set them to do sparring/individual combat drills for the better part of a year. Equipping is unreliable at best, and the squad equipment screen in 40.08 bears no resemblance to reality.

However, I still don't think that a quarter of my army should be dropping dead due to months-old busted noses, teeth, and ears without ever having sought medical attention.
fortunawhisk (reporter)
2014-08-24 20:58

From the contents of the dropbox save, it looks like you need to add the [HEALING_RATE:x] token to (at least) cartilage in the tissue_template_default.txt. Once added, and the squads station order cancelled, affected dwarves went to the hospital on their own.

See 0007924, 0007503, 0007629, 0004498.

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