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0008601Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2014-12-04 14:572015-01-09 10:40
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformMSI GT70 laptopOSMicrosoft WindowsOS VersionWindows 8.1
Product Version0.40.16 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008601: Unretired fortress crashes at the exact same in-game time
DescriptionI created a world (Oguspstrasp) and embarked a fortress (Asarban) in v0.40.15. After several years in-game I transferred the save folder to v0.40.16. After another five or so years in-game I retired the fortress and played in the same world in adventure mode, creating two adventurers that called Asarban home. While playing in adventure mode, I noticed that the game would crash whenever I moved my character near the southwest corner of the Asarban embark site.

After both adventurers died, I unretired Asarban and noticed several unusual things:

*at the game-load screen, my save was listed as "Asarban - unknown mode" instead of "Asarban - fortress mode"

*various merchants, dwarf soldiers and horses were loitering around the site of Asarban, probably left over from adventure mode

*the game now crashes at a specific in-game time (17th Galena 134) no matter what I do

I used the DFHack command "exterminate" to kill off the leftover merchants, soldiers and horses, but it did nothing to affect the crash.
Steps To ReproduceLoad game. [^]

Unpause. Crash will occur in less than five seconds.
Additional InformationMay be related to 0008362.
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duplicate of 0008362resolvedToady One Unretired fortress crashes after some game days 

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Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-04 15:01

I should note that I am using Dwarf Fortress 40_16 Starter Pack r2.
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-04 16:28

Crash also occurs when I run Dwarf Fortress 40_16 Starter Pack r3.
smjjames (reporter)
2014-12-04 18:48

What about trying the save on 40.19?
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-05 09:44
edited on: 2014-12-05 09:48

The crash occurs at the exact same time in 40.19; I just checked it right now in vanilla 40.19 without any add-ons.

Edit: although the problem with my save being listed as "unknown mode" instead of "fortress mode" didn't occur when I ran 40.19; perhaps those two bugs are unrelated.

Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-05 10:02
edited on: 2014-12-05 10:07

Okay, I just retired the fort again and immediately unretired it in 40_16 Starter Pack r3. It didn't crash, but all of the buildings that I had ordered to be built before the crash and after the first unretirement have been unbuilt.

Edit: Also, on the nobles/administrators screen, my nobles were listed as having their requirements unmet, even though their bed/chair/table assignments had not changed.

ptb_ptb (reporter)
2014-12-05 10:03
edited on: 2014-12-05 10:10

0008362 is another 'crash on unretire'.

The requirements not met thing is a known, (probably) separate bug.

Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-05 10:33

For purposes of comparison, here is the save as it is now, after the second retirement/unretirement (also after satisfying my nobles): [^]
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2014-12-05 10:37

I should also note that this crash did NOT occur immediately after unretirement. In-game, several months passed between unretirement and the date/time of the crash.
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2015-01-09 09:22
edited on: 2015-01-09 09:22

I loaded this save in vanilla v0.40.24 and the game did not crash. It appears that this was one of the unretire crashes triggered by caravan arrival, which are now fixed in 40.24.

Footkerchief (manager)
2015-01-09 10:40

Cool, we'll chalk it up to 0008362. Thanks for testing!

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