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0000862Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2010-04-09 02:052015-01-10 12:40
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Summary0000862: Hostile/wild creatures frequently escape during hauling
DescriptionI have cage-trapped several creatures from a large cave, and hauled them into the fortress. Things like cave swallows, and giant rats.

I am unable to put them all in one cage. Is this expected behaviour?
I am also unable to release them. The dwarves, when I select that the animal is removed from a cage, require that another cage become available, and place the animal in that cage.

When trying to move creatures between two cages, the animal almost invariably escapes. Is this a skill based effect? If so, cool, and consider that part unbroken. If not, it is... frustrating. :p
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related to 0001696new creature fled before being thrown into pit - gets freed by dwarfes everytime it is being cagetrapped again 

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MooUK (reporter)
2010-04-10 08:30

Having the same result; attempting to set something free just puts it into another trap or cage.
Leperous (reporter)
2010-04-12 04:20

This may have always been the case for untamed creatures - try taming them through a kennels first and try again.
Chrispy (reporter)
2010-04-12 17:44

They don't show up on the kennel or Z -> animals page. I can't butcher them, or anything...
kaefermelder (reporter)
2010-04-21 14:42
edited on: 2010-04-21 14:56

Yes, this is expected behaviour, consistent with 40d and probably intended. Taming probably requires the presence of a dungeon master (for all animals with the tag [pet_exotic])

derigo (reporter)
2010-04-25 21:55

You cannot butcher hostile or wild creatures, as they might try to eat the butcher. The escaping creatures during hauling is new to df2010, that only used to happen in d40 if you tried to trade the creatures to a caravan. Its annoying. It also happens a lot when you try to throw hostile creatures into a pit.

When you say
"I am unable to put them all in one cage. Is this expected behaviour?" Do you mean that they escape if you try? Because its perfectly possible to _assign_ them all to one cage.

There's no _simple_ way to get things other than tame animals out of cages and never has been. There are 3 ways to accomplish this feat.

1) taming (only works if creature is tame-able)
-tame the creature

2) mechanical method (safe but time consuming)
-build the cage with the creature in question in it somewhere.
-build a lever
-attach the lever to the cage
-pull the lever
The cage will deconstruct into an unbuilt cage, a mechanism, and a free and possibly hostile creature.

3)Pit method(currently dangerous, but fast)
-designate a zone over a pit as a pit/pond zone
-go to pit/pond options ('P' when hovering over the zone)
-make sure 'is pit' is selected
-find the creature in the list and add it too the pit
A hauler will come take the creature out of its cage and throw it into the pit. This hauling behavior is fairly dangerous at the moment. Dangerous creatures will often break loose from the haulers and go on a rampage. On the other hand, its much easier to do it this way than the lever method.

Footkerchief, recommend you change this bug's name to 'hostile/wild creatures frequently escape during hauling' or something to that effect. It may be intended, its hard to say, but this escaping behavior is new, and therefore suspect.
Chrispy (reporter)
2010-04-28 01:12

Forgive me, as my memory might be slightly spotty.

I had a fair number of caged creatures, troglodytes and cave swallows iirc. I built a cage, and tried to move them from the animal stockpile to the newly built cage, so I could re-use the old cages. That didn't work.

I then built cages that contained animals next to each other. The dwarves would not haul the creatures between cages.

For the above two cases, it seems that there was some sort of job assignment problem. It would show up as a job under the manager, 'large creature caging', and the labour was enabled for several dwarves, but they just didn't get around to it.

When I built a cage, and unassigned the animals in that cage, the dwarves would take the creature, then immediately put it inside a different empty free cage. Which is different from 40d, wherein they would simply release the creature.

I'd rather not have to build a release for every single creature each in it's own individual cage, so I'm not exactly sure what is the best solution.
derigo (reporter)
2010-04-28 03:06

You should be able to order the dwarves to move the creatures between cages. There's no reason that shouldn't work but it doesn't get you anywhere. As they're just in a different cage. I haven't actually tried to put them all in one cage in recent memory, because all my prisoners have been hostile and I didn't want them to go on a rampage in my fort. I'll try it next time around and see what happens.

Other than that, you've described the situation accurately. The only ways currently to untame creatures out of cages are the three methods I described above.
Rafal99 (reporter)
2010-04-28 03:40

I tried to assign 3 untamed groundhogs to one cage. They break loose immediately after released from their cages.

Perhaps the hauler should bring the whole cage with himself and only release the animal when he would be ready to immediately put it into the target cage?
derigo (reporter)
2010-04-28 03:53

The escaping thing is its own problem. Its new, but its pretty well documented (I think?). I was concerned because you said that they _wouldn't_ transport them to the other cages. That would be a whole different bag of worms.

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