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0008948Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2015-05-05 21:052015-05-06 14:22
Assigned Tolethosor 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version
Product Version0.40.24 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008948: Consistent crash within minute of load, unknown reason.
DescriptionI don't know why, but the save crashes consistently. I have modded it some, using the Lazy Newb Pack and DFHack, though my only actual modifications involve some animals being domestic (giant cave spiders, giant lions), and dwarves being very quick. Not sure if it's a problem with the game or just my modifications, although I don't see how it could be at the moment, although I could easily be wrong. Here's the save: [^]
Steps To ReproduceJust load and let it play, it will crash within a minute.
Additional InformationMy best guess might be something relating to a melancholy dwarf that's starving to death in a building to the bottom right of the fort. Besides that, any thoughts would be well appreciated.
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duplicate of 0008719resolvedToady One Building constructions over parts of trees crashes 

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Afghani84 (reporter)
2015-05-05 22:52

First guess is always constructions over tree parts. Please check if you have any of these active. No time to look at the save right now but I'll take a look at it after if it's not about tree parts.
Detros (manager)
2015-05-06 01:42

Loaded in 0.40.24 vanilla DF on Linux.
There are walls built in willow trees, at the second level of that new 10x10 tower located in NE corner of city. Removing of that row of walls allowed me to run three days without any crash. This report can then be closed as a duplicate of 0008719, "Building constructions over parts of trees crashes".

1) For next time please have a bookkeeper noble assigned. Some of these bugs are caused by various items and knowing how many of what and located where is in the fort can be crucial to find about the issue.
2) Nice surface town you have there. Reminds me of Dale from Middle-earth.
pulsusego (reporter)
2015-05-06 11:14

Thank you guys for the help! I had no idea trees mattered, I'll keep that in mind in the future. ALso, thanks Detros, I've been trying to avoid underground constructions where possible as a challenge. (:

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