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0009294Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Schedulepublic2015-12-09 19:472015-12-27 16:59
ReporterPDF Urist Master 
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.42.02 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.42.05 
Summary0009294: Sparring is bugged, Sparring Reports don't show up and Dwarves don't gain skill from sparring
DescriptionSparring activity color is different from previous versions (yellow instead of cyan), Sparring doesn't doesn't generate any sparring reports and sparring doesn't cause skill increases. This leads to extremely slow training, Dwarves will often stay at the same skill level for years.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a squad and assign them to active/training.

Get a barracks for them to train in.
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has duplicate 0009321resolvedDwarfu Sparring results do not show up in reports screen 
has duplicate 0009531resolvedDwarfu Dorfs wont gain armor or shield skills thru training or sparring until you kickstart it with real combat. 

-  Notes
Talvieno (reporter)
2015-12-09 21:04

I've only noticed that they don't spar.
Talvieno (reporter)
2015-12-10 09:48
edited on: 2015-12-10 09:51

After closer inspection, they [do] spar - the spar reports just don't show up anymore, as PDF said. I'm not noticing slower training, though.

Hedede (reporter)
2015-12-10 12:05

For me, only *some* reports show up. It looks like sparring reports show up only for mercenaries, and not for my own dwarfs.
Detros (manager)
2015-12-10 12:12

Sounds like a job for some init file or ingame menu: "show no/some/all sparring reports".
Gentlefood (reporter)
2015-12-10 17:07

Sparring doesn't show up, but I can confirm they do gain skill from it. The bug seems specific to sparring however, any other form of combat, even during sparring, shows up. (Ie: Danger Rooms)
moonshadow101 (reporter)
2015-12-16 13:29
edited on: 2015-12-17 09:43

I fairly certain that no actual sparring is occurring. In past versions, Dwarves would move around when sparring, (largely as a result of dodges and charges) as if engaged in actual combat. In 42.XX, they simply stand next to eachother. I'm quite certain that no sparring is occuring. As a result of this, not only do skills rise slowly, but there is no physical improvement whatsoever, as physical improvement is entirely the result of sparring.

Skill gains do occur as a result of other activities, particularly Individual Drills, which were buffed in 40.XX.

SpaceDingo (reporter)
2015-12-18 12:31

Is this still an issue in 42.03? I have a fortress where sparring is working correctly that I can upload if needed.
Kon (reporter)
2015-12-18 12:49

I get sparring messages for a Goblin Hammer Lord mercenary, but not for any of the other members of my military.
m-logik (reporter)
2015-12-18 16:46

I'm still seeing this in .42.03. No reports being generated for dwarves, and they stand still instead of moving around as in previous versions. It may be of interest that dwarves reporting a 'Spar' job are not gaining observer skill either, with those that already had it going Rusty despite frequently claiming to spar. I'm also not seeing any noticeable skill gains when 'Spar' jobs are reported, though I'm not using any utility to monitor their skills.
SpaceDingo (reporter)
2015-12-19 08:54

I uploaded a save to DFFD where my reports are showing up correctly. I've had the same issue across other embarks so I'm not sure what's different now but maybe it can help.
Detros (manager)
2015-12-19 14:20

SpaceDingo's uploaded file "sparring is working for me here": [^]
newtrackername (reporter)
2015-12-25 07:50
edited on: 2015-12-25 09:08

I have uploaded a save where sparring isn't working here: [^]

I have tried changing the Equipment Settings, changing schedule Settings and assigning a new barracks but None of it made a difference: Dwarves were still only standing next to each other without actually sparring, while their Job description read "spar". No combat reports were generated.

On the same machine and Settings, the uploaded file by SpaceDingo worked fine.

edit: I generated a pocket world fort that has this bug and uploaded the save to the above link instead. Much less chaotic than the earlier fort i uploaded :)

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