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0009404Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2015-12-21 16:152015-12-22 18:26
Assigned ToDwarfu 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionWin 7 64 bit
Product Version0.42.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009404: Retiring a fort floods it with former merchant caravan personnel
DescriptionIn some, perhaps most (?), cases, when I retire a fort that I have been running for at least a couple of years, it appears to flood the fortress with peoples from the many merchant caravans that have previously visited the fortress. It may or may not be related to making an adventurer at the site immediately after retiring the fortress. I don't think it only happens when you make an adventurer, but I have not tested that possibility.

I have no mods on the below saved games. I run Ironhand's graphics pack, and I made a change to the creature raws to remove the "Adopts_Owner" tag from cats. This world was generated fresh for 42.03, but this issue existed for me in the 40.xx versions as well.

A saved game posted on DFFD BEFORE retiring the fort, with steps to reproduce is here: [^]

A saved game posted on DFFD AFTER I retired then reclaimed the fort is here: [^]

Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce with the initial save, before the fortress has been retired. (steps 2 and 3 may not be necessary but are included as that is usually what I do):

1) Load the linked save and retire the fortress (called "Stormcrown").
2) Create an adventurer who starts out in the Dwarven fortress "Stormcrown", part of "The Brave Mine" dwarven civilization.
3) You can retire that adventurer right away, or wander around the site, noting that it is filled with lots of merchants of different races.
4) Optional. If you retired the adventurer from step 3 above, you can reclaim the fortress and see all the left over merchants scattered around the map.
Additional InformationThe additional save that takes place after I retired the fortress, created an adventurer, retired that adventurer, then reclaimed the fortress, can be loaded to observe the aftermath of the described problem. Note the snake man fort citizen which is the adventurer I created and retired.

Please also note the second save also takes place during a siege, and can be used to demonstrate that invaders ignore the scattered caravan peoples on the map.

The second save can also be used to consider the possibility that invader caps in the .ini file are not being observed, but I will make a separate bug report for that possible issue.
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duplicate of 0009176acknowledgedToady One Lots of 'other' units appear after retiring fortress (merchants/pack animals/now hostile visitors) 

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Walkabout (reporter)
2015-12-21 16:29

Some information I forgot to include:

The scattered merchant folk are marked as friendly to you. The merchant escort soldiers are marked as hostile, but do not typically attack your dwarves. The invaders that are sieging the fort ignore the merchant folk, but they do attack and fight with the caravan escort peoples.
Hedede (reporter)
2015-12-21 21:08

Duplicate of 0009176.

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