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0009513Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2016-01-23 15:102018-03-22 17:53
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version0.42.04 
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Summary0009513: Gremlin ignores training after citizen petition accepted
DescriptionA gremlin was trained and eventually a citizen petition appeared. It was granted, but some time later one of my dwarves went to retrain the goblin (as usual), but now it refuses to come to the trainer, and rather hauls items, drinks, sleeps, and goes back to haul items, and I'm getting worried about the health of my trainer.
Additional InformationI'm using LNP r03 with the Phoebus tile set, Dwarf Therapist, and DFHack, plus the Crimson Crops mod that changes planting seasons, plant growth, plant yield, and domesticated bird egg clutch size.

I believe a Gremlin who's become a citizen ought to change from being a butcherable animal with a training level to a full citizen of the same type as animal people and Gorlaks (if they can become members. A necromancer miner Gorlak did attack the fortress, though. Quite interesting!), and no longer have any animal attributes.

I can upload a save where the trainer is still waiting to perform training and the gremlin is back to hauling after sleeping, if desired.
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Button (reporter)
2016-01-23 17:49

The same thing happens if you mod any other intelligent critter [PET_EXOTIC].
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2016-01-24 01:54
edited on: 2016-01-25 03:48

I managed to save my trainer by setting up a burrow beside him, assign the gremlin to it, and use DFHack teleport to get the gremlin into the burrow. Unfortunately, the training level is just retained: the gremlin is neither completely tame, nor converted into a free citizen, so I expect this trouble to happen repeatedly.

Edit: Yes, the issue repeats itself. Citizen gremlins respect burrow restrictions, but that doesn't do anything unless you can actually get them into the burrow in the first place, and the waiting trainer does not seem to have any effect in getting them to move there.
Also, I've found no way to cancel the trainer's job (disabling training doesn't work).

Edit 2: Sometimes gremlins respect burrows and goes to the trainer as the jobs are cancelled, and sometimes not. As a side note, I've found the new "needs" jobs ignore burrows: If you burrow someone who happens to be in a temple, he's likely to stay and start to pray, someone in the inn will likely start to socialize.

PatrikLundell (reporter)
2016-02-12 22:18

Further findings in the same general area: A retired fortress with gremlin citizens that's reclaimed does not list the gremlins among the animals on the stocks/animal screen, and thus does not allow the assignment of a trainer, but I saw the training level of one of them decline one step, indicating they will probably go feral if not retrained.
Button (reporter)
2016-04-11 15:48

With this bug in mind, I turned off the training on one of my wolverine men after he petitioned for citizenship but before he disappeared from my animals list.

It appears that disappearing from the animals list is based on the critter gaining enough skill in something to have a non-peasant default profession. I had a wild-caught wolverine man resident - not citizen - take the Trade At Depot job. He turned into a "broker" (not "Wolverine Man broker", just "broker") and disappeared from the animals list.

When a second wild-caught wolverine man petitioned for citizenship, I turned off his training to prevent this bug. Unfortunately, the game has even less of an idea of what to do with a citizen who's also marked as a wild animal. Last night he finally reverted to wild, and is showing up on the "Others" list, but is still missing in the Animals menu.

He was outside at the time, on a Construct Building job. He passed a number of residents on the way back into the fortress, neither disturbing them nor being disturbed, but ended up getting caught in a cage trap. Since he's apparently still got construction enabled, I'm going to have to keep him caged up until the outdoor construction is complete.
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2016-04-12 00:42

I've ended up working around the bug by using DFHack gui/gm-editor to change the training level of my gremlins to Tame as they are accepted as citizens.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-03-22 17:53

Taken from a user in discord, a large group of historically named trolls (uniquely only forenamed trolls & beakdogs) in the 44.07 were brought in the siege. [^]

A troll would have the ideal status for a livestock petitioner (despite slow learning and animal tendencies), since [USE_EVIL_CREATURES] applies them to be livestock & siege animals by hardcoding default, whilst not having to accommodate any additional tags like [PET_EXOTIC] to interfere with the creature. A comparable or additive tag like [CAN_PETITION_RESIDENCY] instead of/or works with [PET] for gremlins to raise them to historical status and remove necessity to train could well be preferable to codify what seems like a vanilla accessible half-feature.

Users like @PatrikLundell are well versed in the problems faced in experience with catching gremlins, and like the above notes show use third party applications to rectify the behaviour which was brought with the vanilla release of the game without direct modding.

Point in case being that continuing to have to retrain gremlins buggily is a outstanding issue for their tenure at having [PET] raws at all because virtually no other intelligent creatures share it and also exhibit similar unusual behaviour when exposed to it.

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