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0009588Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizenspublic2016-02-21 21:142019-11-23 07:42
Assigned Tolethosor 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.42.06 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009588: Retired animal person adventurer moves too slowly -- [MEANDERER] tag
DescriptionAn adventurer retired in a player fort is moving very slowly in fortress mode. Their movement speed normalizes when they're hauling something, like a mug or goblet.
Additional InformationAlso present in adventure mode.
Tags0.44.11, adventurer, hauling, Movement, Save Included
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has duplicate 0011182resolvedLoci animal people companion moves so slow it becomes useless 

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Button (reporter)
2016-02-22 10:25

Do you know what speed you retired this adventurer at?
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-02-24 20:17

Standard walking speed. Unretiring the adventurer, setting their speed to sprint, and then retiring them in the fort again seems to have no effect.
Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2016-02-24 21:18

Is he dying of thirst? That seems to happen a lot. Passing by some water or booze gets them up to speed again (unless they die).
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-02-25 06:30

They seem to move at normal speed when they're thirsty, actually, although only because they begin hauling a mug around.
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-03-02 21:42
edited on: 2016-03-02 21:43

I've managed to replicate this issue on another save. The adventurer was retired after I ensured that they weren't dehydrated/sleep-deprived/etc.; however, when the fortress was subsequently reclaimed, the adventurer showed up sleep-deprived (and occasionally hungry/thirsty, although drowsiness was the only constant), and moved slowly as expected. Sleeping, eating, and drinking afterwards doesn't appear to normalize movement speed.

I have a few saves with this issue present here ( [^]) if anyone wants to take a look at them.

The adventurer with the issue in the region1 save is a dire wolf woman swordsman by the name of Zasit Ukeroddom.

The adventurer in the region2 save is a tiger woman axeman named Ape Bekdilcuro.

InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-03-05 13:51
edited on: 2016-06-19 17:18

I recently did some tests and discovered that adventurers retired in a player fortress appear to move at normal speeds if they are of the human, dwarven, elven, goblin, or gorlak races. This probably means that this bug exclusively affects animal people adventurers. I suppose it would be best to avoid using them in player fortresses for the time being.

Tests were conducted using the saves that were linked to in the previous note.

Edit: I've also found another instance of this bug in adventure mode. An animal person enlisted as a companion moves far more slowly than human or dwarf companions. Save: ( [^])

Edit2: This issue is still present in version 43.03. I learned that adventurers of a custom race behave normally as long as they don't have the "animal person" tag in their raws; same goes for adventurers of the default races.

Edit3: Interestingly, animal people derived from vermin (i.e.: hamsters, rats, masked lovebirds, etc.) don't appear to be affected by this issue.

InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-06-19 17:39

I was wrong again.

It turns out that not only retired animal people adventurers, but *all* animal people not derived from vermin are affected by this issue - in fortress mode, at least.

Here's a save to demonstrate this - a non-adventurer bear man walking to a location in fortress mode: [^]
Button (reporter)
2016-06-26 18:25

I've had animal people that move around fine before. I think they may have all been wild-caught (modded PET_EXOTIC) though.
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-06-26 20:32

That may be. Do you recall if they were derived from animals tagged as [VERMIN_GROUNDER], as well?
Button (reporter)
2016-06-27 12:03
edited on: 2016-06-27 12:09

Some, not all. I've had kea people and wolverine people who've petitioned for residency after being caught in the wild and moved at a dwarflike pace. Also slug men.

Does the issue you've noticed occur only when they petition to be residents, or with visitors also? I had an eagle man visitor once who moved around just fine.

Maybe it's size-related? All the examples of slowness mentioned in this thread seem to have been of people larger than a dwarf, while vermin-based people and those I've seen moving just fine have been smaller than a dwarf.

InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-06-27 12:44
edited on: 2016-07-14 11:43

To be honest, I haven't gotten more than two or three animal people to petition for residency, but they each exhibited this issue. As for visitors... I didn't think to observe them too much when this issue arose. They tend to just mill about the inn, not moving much, so I thought watching them would be fruitless.

The issue might be size-related to a degree, but I've tested it using wolf and dingo men - both of whom are smaller than dwarves - and they both seemed to be affected. Wolverine men are the same size as dingo men, though, and you claimed that they were fine... That probably means there's yet another thing at work here that I'm unaware of. I'll try to do some more testing, soon, and see what it unravels.

Edit1: Wolverine men, as Button stated, do not appear to be affected by this issue. Badger men are also unaffected. Since both are derived from creatures with the [PRONE_TO_RAGE] tag, I was first led to believe that it can "correct" this issue as the [VERMIN_GROUNDER] tag does. However, I've since found that adding the tag to the raws of other creatures confirmed to be affected by this issue appears to have no effect. Weird.

Edit2: Blue jay men - both normal ones and others modded to be roughly the size of dragons - appear to be unaffected by this issue, even with the [VERMIN_GROUNDER] tag removed, which might mean that the [FLIER] tag prevents slow movement in their case. However, grizzly bear men modded to have wings and given the [FLIER] tag *are* affected. Unless there's something I'm missing, it would seem that certain tags are capable of preventing this issue only if they are present in the unmodified raws of creatures. Adding said tags to affected creatures will not prevent them from moving slowly. Side note: the game is incredibly prone to crashing when animal people are allowed to civ.

Edit3: Groundhog men, which are smaller than dwarves but not derived from a creature with the [VERMIN_GROUNDER] tag, are affected by this issue. Hamster men, which are roughly the same size as groundhog men and *are* derived from a [VERMIN_GROUNDER], are not. This would mean that body size is not a factor as far as this issue is concerned.

Additionally, buzzard men, which are also smaller than dwarves but are not [VERMIN], are also unaffected by this issue. This is presumably because buzzards have the [FLIER] tag.

Edit 4: I've made a comprehensive list of animal people affected by this issue [ [^]].

InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-07-14 10:00
edited on: 2016-07-14 10:00

Finally, after an embarrassingly long time, I've found a solution to this bug.

The culprit is the [MEANDERER] tag. When it's applied to any creature, via [COPY_TAGS_FROM] or other means, that creature will move once every 1-5 seconds unless said creature is engaged in combat. This will occur even if the creature is attempting to path to a specific location.

"Easy" solutions include removing the [MEANDERER] tag from an animal person's base creature, or adding [CV_REMOVE_TAG:MEANDERER] and [APPLY_CURRENT_CREATURE_VARIATION] after the [APPLY_CREATURE_VARIATION:ANIMAL_PERSON] in an animal person's raws. Either method appears to make affected animal people move normally in both modes of play. Both of these solutions might have unforeseen consequences, however: more testing is needed.

Button (reporter)
2016-08-18 13:10

Thanks for posting the solution, InfantIguana! Sorry for late response, haven't been DFing much lately.
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-08-20 11:50

Hey, no worries! I'm just hoping you and others can make use of said solution before an official one is applied.
Evans (reporter)
2016-09-15 07:45


Each and every animal person in the fort will express this behavior.

use modtools/create-unit -race HYENA_MAN -caste FEMALE -civId \\LOCAL -groupId \\LOCAL -name FOREST
with DFHACK and set them hauling jobs active.

As long as they move towards an object to haul, they will meander, once they pick the object up they run as fast as dwarves.

This is driving me crazy; InfantIguana thank you for solution!
InfantIguana (reporter)
2018-07-06 06:11

[MEANDERER] tag is still problematic. Any creature that has it cannot be effectively used as an adventurer companion or a fortress citizen.
OluapPlayer (reporter)
2018-07-07 08:03

Worth mentioning, the [MEANDERER] tag also messes up war and hunting animals. Compare the movement speed of a war dog with that of a war grizzly bear. It makes them effectively useless for a military squad as they take absolute ages to get anywhere.

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