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0009641Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2016-03-19 16:582016-03-24 11:50
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PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.42.06 
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Summary0009641: tamed hydra still aggressive!
DescriptionI managed to cage a hydra and my trainers trained it to well-trained. It starts tearing my dwarfs apart when i pasture it in a training zone to train it for war.
Steps To Reproduceimpractical to reproduce as hydra attacks are random and require you to make a lot of wealth.
Additional InformationThe only parts i modded for hydra raws are the ability to be war/hunting trained, to lay eggs that may hatch, and the PRONE_TO_RAGE: 10 tag so it sometimes gets a boost in combat. Note that it wasn't enraged when it first started attacking randomly. It could not be targeted for killing when it started to kill dwarves since it was considered a member of the fort. I didn't bother to see if it caused a loyalty cascade or not because i just killed the process in dfhack after it took down two dozen dwarves.

the save: [^]
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related to 0010731acknowledgedLoci Fully domesticated megabeasts and active military dwarves attack each other on sight. 

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Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-19 17:03

The hydra does not show up as a animal in dwarf therapist until after being tamed so it might be some sort of change to what the megabeast tag does, though i've never caught a hydra in any previous versions before.

 Maybe the hydra was already considered a enemy of my civ prior to entering the map (it's known invader mounts cannot be tamed like wild animals, but i don't know the details) so that caused it to remain aggressive. The world is near 3k years old.
Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-19 18:04

Definitely think hydras are put into some sort of aggressive civ. I chained her at the door way along with a egg box as a line of defense. Isn't aggressive if chained (goblins and kobolds have been observed to remain aggressive even when chained).

She attacked the only visitor i got in 5 years: a random human crossbowman. This caused my dwarves, which were working on a construction, to be interrupted by the human. So the hydra definitely has loyalties to my fort but likely has it's own civ or something because it attacks dwarves if unchained and is aggressive to a visitor.
Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-19 18:11

loyalty cascade is confirmed. My dwarves started fighting each other shortly after the encounter with the crossbowman. The fighting occurred in the communal bedroom. This happened despite my quick locking of the front doors during the encounter (the human only got in two shots, 1 on the hydra, 1 on a peasant and hes currently wandering around outside, alive).
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-03-19 19:34
edited on: 2016-03-19 19:37

I got the same results you described using your save: the hydra turns aggressive not long after it gets assigned to a pasture/animal training zone (although I can't tell if it attacks a visitor first: the first time it appeared to attack one of the resident planters; the next it attacked a jeweler).

However, after removing its megabeast tag from the raws, I was able to train it for war, assign it to a pasture, and afterwards assign it to one of the soldiers as a work animal. It then remained unaggressive for the whole season I monitored it. I'm thinking you're right about the megabeast tag being the culprit.

Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-20 08:48

Can you tell me how you went about removing the tag? Did you go into the specific save's region folder and find the data for that specific hydra and remove the tag there?

i've tried changing the raws in the raw folder before but that only seems to affect new worlds.
chaosvolt (reporter)
2016-03-20 09:27

The save folder itself has a copy of the raw folder, and that's the version it uses. :V
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-03-20 11:41
edited on: 2016-04-03 12:56

What chaosvolt said.

Also, I'm thinking this issue may be related to issue 0009047, even though it's for an older version. The comments on that issue say that tame megabeasts are prone to attacking active military, which is consistent with my tests. Doesn't explain why the hydra would attack a visiting crossbowman, though. :/

Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-20 16:46

i might've not been clear on that. The crossbowman was a different civ (possibly generated and is the dwarven civ?) and friendly to the fort, but not a member of the fort. He saw the hydra and became attacked it because (supposedly) the hydra is a enemy civ despite being a tame pet and member of the fort. This caused the dwarves to consider the crossbowman a enemy of the fort and be interrupted by him. Their loyalties changed that instant, at least it looked like it because a loyalty cascade resulted later.

I've removed the megabeast tag but i'm not sure if we can do this prior to world generation or it might cause issues with megabeast behavior in world-gen. Actually it still might cause issues considering the game now updates two weeks occasionally.
Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-23 17:26

Removing the tag is not a work-around. Something really weird happened in my game at the beginning of the next year. For once (i can't remember the last time) the age changed to "The Age of Legends" in game (from the Age of Myth). I don't think this is a coincidence. The game probably checks for the tag in historical figures to determine the age. It probably also affects actions in world generation like if civs get attacked.
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-03-23 23:34
edited on: 2016-03-23 23:35

The current age is determined by the percentage of megabeasts left alive from the total that lived at the start of the world's history. Since the hydras living in the world are no longer considered megabeasts, it's likely that the game considered them dead for the purpose of calculating the current age (although they're probably still wandering around in the world). The age in your game changed as a result.

In this version of the game, the age changing doesn't affect the gameplay much at all (to my knowledge). You should be able to keep playing as if nothing happened... Unless, of course, you're hoping for another hydra to show up at some point and accompany the one you already have. None will appear now that the megabeast tag's been removed.

Catsup (reporter)
2016-03-24 07:41

Yea...that's exactly what i was hoping for actually. All the megabeasts in my game are modded to be able to breed (except the bronze colossus) and grow at a reasonable rate (30 years for full size). I added the tag back in and i guess i can just call it a "feature" for now: Megabeasts are too powerful to ever be fully tamed. The hydra is harmless as long as it's chained and can still lay eggs so theoretically i should be able to breed them. Catching the offspring is another matter, they'll break down my doors to get out of the special pen i made for it. It might even set its parents free by breaking the chain. Cage traps maybe won't work since they're considered fortress members. I'll probably need to use some sort of retracting bridge trick and webbed cage traps (baby hydras won't disable bridges). I'll worry about that when a mate for the hydra shows up.
Button (reporter)
2016-03-24 11:50

Remember, megabeasts often make enemies during worldgen. You could check in Legends Viewer or similar, to see if this hydra has your visitor's civ listed as one of its enemies.

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