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0009653Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2016-03-23 08:392017-01-23 00:25
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Summary0009653: Tavern keeper/performers repeatedly serve alcohol until visitors and even dwarves drink themselves to death
Descriptionover the last 2-3 month there have been 3 alcohol-related deaths in my fortress. the first one was a goblin bard so i thought this may be because he wasnt used to it, but the last victim was a dwarf citizen.

im not even sure this is actually a bug as its kinda nice from a flavor perspective, just maybe a bit extreme? or maybe my 2 tavern keepers serve double drinks to the same people?
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has duplicate 0010115resolvedLoci "cancels Drink: Job item lost or destroyed." 

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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2016-03-23 11:54

The drinking to death issue is intended, but might not be properly tuned (yet). You can avoid this by not having any personnel (including performers) in the tavern.
It is thought non dwarves are more susceptible to alcohol poisoning than due to a dwarven oversized liver. However, dwarves are certainly not immune. It is thought some traits (possibly slow healing, disease susceptibility) increases the risk. Also, immoderate drinkers should be at a higher risk as well.
Gomissar (reporter)
2016-07-24 07:35

Performers and tavern keeper assigned to tavern will serve alcohol continuously as long as there's a stockpile in tavern. I don't think it's working as intended.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-01-23 00:25

Tavern keepers that walk at a fast pace are more likely to over-serve by executing the action too quickly before moving onto the next patron & then restarting the cycle. Additional tavern staff (bugged performers etc.) also start the same serving cycle at a different interval meaning that sometimes dwarves have second servings in the same 'round' one staff member after another.

Unnatural non-dwarf tavern keepers that walk at a slow pace (the movement rate of a ogre is perfect) are often more effective

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